10 Places To Take A Selfie Before You Die

Because of Snapchat and #selfiesunday on Instagram and Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars, selfies are more popular than ever. But that means there are also a lot of other betches taking selfies of themselves. And although you are by far the hottest and take the best selfies, it’ll be easier to get a shit ton more likes and put the Starbucks-Instagramming basic betch to shame if you took selfies, for example, in the Oval Office. Even with daddy’s connections, you probably won’t get to do that, so try these other ten places that will guarantee triple-digit Instagram likes. Make sure to add these places to your selfie bucket list. 

  • 1. La Casa del Arbol in Ecuador

    This place translates to just “The Tree House,” probably because there’s like an actual tree house. But the cool part is that there is a swing that hangs from a branch of the Tree House tree. This swing flies the swinger out into the open canyon where you really can’t see the bottom. If you took a selfie while swinging out into the open, and got the canyon/cliff/tree house and the whole shebang in the background, you’ll dominate your friends’ newsfeeds for at least a day.

  • 2. On top of a building, but like at the very top of a building where you’re clearly in danger of falling and dying

    You’ve seen those pictures. Crazy kids holding on with one hand onto a lightning rod or some other equally precariously high structure while they take a selfie with the entire city beneath them. You know how you’ve seen them? Because they got a lot of likes somewhere on the internet. This could be you.

  • 3. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

    This is the largest salt flat in the world. On the right day this large, quiet, flat land turns into the largest mirror in the world. It becomes nearly impossible to recognize what’s real and what’s reflected. It gives a whole new meaning to the mirror selfie.

  • 4. While planking at Tsingy de Bemaraha in Madagascar

    That translates to something like, “Where one cannot walk barefoot.” That’s probably because this is a sort of a forest with a lot of really tall, really sharp stones. Because of rain and erosion or some shit like that, the stones have become like knives. So if you plank on it wrong, you’ll either fall like 300 feet onto other sharp stones, or you’ll just, you know, get stabbed right there. But if you do it right, likes will be bestowed upon you.

  • 5. Lying down on a glass floor high above the ground

    Almost every selfie from high above is basically too normal. Everything is vertical and upright, and you definitely could have just done that on the ground. With a glass floor, you can almost create an illusion that you are floating, and buildings lower than you become flat. Try the Pearl Tower in Shanghai, or the 63 Building in Seoul. There are plenty of glass floors if you’re not scared of heights.

  • 6. At a funeral, plane crash, or other completely inappropriate venue

    There’s actually a Tumblr dedicated to selfies at funerals, and Obama definitely took a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service and got a lot of attention for it. Taking selfies at tragic places of mourning or emergency or whatever will get you a lot of hate, but also a lot of attention, and those who think you’re funny will give you a double tap.

  • 7. In front of an explosion, a shark attack, or other really dangerous thing

    It’s kind of like the one above, but it’s not hurting anybody (except you). No disrespectful humor involved to get likes here. It just makes you kind of stupid. Like that guy who got kicked in the face for trying to take a selfie like two inches from a train whizzing by.

  • 8. In front of a lot of people

    Because everyone in that crowd or audience will go like that picture immediately.

  • 9. On the slide down from the Great Wall of China

    Yes, there is a slide down from the Great Wall of China, because who the fuck would want to walk back down all those stairs. Water slides and roller coasters are for amateurs. You take a selfie on your way down from the fucking Great Wall.

  • 10. Swiss Alps

    There’s really nothing better than altitude and snow. It makes for one hell of a selfie. Just make sure you’re not squinting.

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