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11 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs “My Mad Fat Diary”

It’s my favorite new show, and should be yours too.

11. The Sex Talk

There is no beating around the bush in this show. Rae and the gang talk about the most awkward parts of doing the deed in a straightforward manner many teenage girls are not encouraged to embrace.

10. The Portrayal of the Mentally Ill

The show delves into the issue of mental illness, and deals with more than just Rae’s issues. All of her friends at hospital share their different concerns and ailments during group therapy, striking down the generalized label of “crazy.”

9. Finn

He’s cute, protective, patient, supportive, and understanding while dating Rae. Even when they break up, Finn tries his best to be there for her, and finds a way to save their friendship.

8. Chloe

Every teenage girl has a Chloe in her life. Giving the audience a glimpse into her backstory helps you understand her and maybe even helps you deal with your own Chloe.

7. The Soundtrack

Oasis. The Stone Roses. 90s Electronica. What more do you need?

6. Rae’s Inner Monologue

All of Rae’s deepest and funniest thoughts are written or drawn out like a diary entry on the screen in fluorescent gel pen. It’s eye-catching, entertaining, and brings about the nostalgia of the days of playing MASH and writing in paper diaries instead of blogging.

5. The 90’s Fashion

Crop tops. High Ponytails. And, oh the 90’s rave wear. This show is a precious gift from the fashion gods.

4. Rae’s Mom

Sometimes she seems like a nut job, but she always seems to have Rae’s best interest at heart. She makes you see moms as humans with feelings. You’ll want to hug your mom for everything you put her through in your rebellious stages

3. The Humor

The entire gang is hilarious. From Archie holding Rae’s breasts up when she lacks support to Rae calling Finn a “Sex Wizard,” it may seem over the top but it will remind you of the shenanigans of your teenage years.

2. Its Approach to Body Image Issues

Throughout the entire series Rae struggles with her body, but the truly heart wrenching moment comes when Rae dreams of unzipping a fat suit to reveal her true self and then burning it in the backyard. It something every girl who ever thought she was overweight would love to be able to do.

1. Rae

She’s insecure, mental, and a misfit, but most of all she’s a resilient, clever, young woman. Every time life gets her down she finds a way to pick herself back up with a dry wit and great soundtrack.

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