19 Flawless Pieces Of Life Advice That Amy Poehler Gave Us In 2013

1. These wise words about choosing the people you hang out with:


Via here.

2. Her guidance about being a dreamer:


3. Her understanding about crying and feelings as a whole:

4. Her pursuit of necessary silence:


5. This piece of advice:


Gifs via , video here.

6. This one…


8. When she advocated for weirdos everywhere!



9. Her tidings on apologies:

10. And politely disagreeing:


11. When she spoke the truth about getting to know ourselves…

12. …and the reality about making friends:

13. Her thoughts on how helpful sleep can be…


via here. Video here.

14. …setting your own goals…



15. …and this sentiment on good-byes:

16. Her advice to everyone who wants to be great:


17. And how important it is to be vulnerable:



18. Her subtle advice to everyone who has something:

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