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24 Things Twentysomethings Say On Dating Websites

1. “I like all types of food.”

Casting a wide net with this one, huh?

2. “I can’t live without my family.”

No way!

3. “I really love Breaking Bad.”

Who doesn’t?

4. “I’m always wondering where to go next.”

Ohhhhh, how worldly of you.

5. “I can quote all of Arrested Development.”


Oh, really?

6. “On Friday nights I’m usually out with friends.”

AKA “I have friends!”

7. “I couldn’t exist without my coffee.”

Warning: can be kind of an asshole in the morning.

8. “I love all music except country.”

Just all of it, all the time.

9. “Only message me if you’re a boy with a good job.”

Can someone please explain what a “good job” is?

10. “Message me if you’d binge watch Netflix with me.”

K will do.

11. “I love to read.”

AKA “I have a bunch of books in my apartment I really did want to read at some point but then became too busy.”

12. “I’m really good at laughing.”


13. “Extra points if you have a beard.”

Beards = good husbands. DUH.

14. “I like Game of Thrones, the books.”

Ohhhh, how fancy.

15. “I couldn’t live without water.”

REALLY?! Me too!

16. “I do yoga all the time.”

Do yoga or wear yoga pants?

17. “I wouldn’t be able to live without Chapstick.”

This is just confusing.

18. “I love my iPhone.”

AKA I’ll be checking texts during our first date.

19. “On Friday nights I’m usually working out.”

“So, if you don’t work out, don’t message me.”

20. “I’m really into sports.”

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

All the sports.

21. “I love to try new restaurants.”

FOX / Via wifflegif.com

AKA “Please take me out to a nice fancy dinner.”

22. “I love a good wine.”

“I’m a classy drunk, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t sleep with you after the first date.”

23. “I’m always thinking about when I should get a dog.”

Don’t even come near me if you have a cat.

24. “The most embarrassing thing I’m willing to admit is that I’m on OkCupid.”

This is really embarrassing but not embarrassing enough to not do it.

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