25 Things That Will Make You Say “Oh God! A Spider!”

1. The creepy feeling of dangling headphones brushing against your leg

2. Stepping on a rogue piece of rotini

3. A loose string touching your arm

4. Tall grass brushing your leg

5. A leaf suddenly blowing in the breeze

6. A natural irregularity on a wood floor

7. The gentle but unexpected touch of a lover

8. Flipping open National Geographic to the wrong page

9. This guy named Spider

10. Misidentifying this crab

11. This amusement park ride

12. Seeing a 1950s Porsche Spyder

15. This guy

16. Incorrectly singing No Doubt lyrics

Vevo / Via youtube.com

17. This spider whoopie pie

18. “What’s this robot supposed to be?”

19. “What’s something you’d prefer not to have on your face right now?”

20. “Who would be small enough to look good in a tiny hat?”

21. “You’ve woven a web of lies and preyed upon everyone you care about. Look what you’ve become.”

22. “Guess who laid eggs in the garage!”

23. This very not realistic fake spider

24. This very realistic fake spider

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