3 Ways Millennials Can Take Advantage Of ‘Funemployment’ While Jobless

Our 20s are the ideal time for adventure and self-discovery.

While its often used as a convenient excuse, the life is short mentality can be a healthy way to ensure you don’t miss out on important opportunities.

Its easy to roll our eyes and say 30 is the new 20, but the reality is, a lot can pass you by in a decade if youre not careful.

When enjoyed strategically, funemployment (a period of time without the confines of a regular job) can be the inspiration and experience you need to move forward in life.

For the average person, there are few opportunities to travel and experience the world after our 20s.

Being unemployed offers a chance for us to take a break from reality and to learn about ourselves and our place in this world.

In the right context, time off could be the greatest gift for yourself and your future career.

But without parameters, you could inadvertently fall behind.

In addition to helping you clear your mind and reassess your priorities, traveling can be used to focus on passion projects or hobbies that could potentially pay your bills or be of great intrinsic value.

Here are three ways to make the most of your funemployment:

1. Blogging

Starting a blog about your travels is a great way to keep your brain active, and you’ll have something to show for your time off when you dust off yourrsumand start interviewing again.

Blogs are also a great way to work on your personal brand.

Whether youre a semi-professional foodie or a fashionista, you never know what could arise from following your passion.

2. Volunteering

Volunteering during funemployment is a fantastic way to give back, and its also an opportunity to test the waters with charitable organizations.

There are many nonprofit jobs looking for dedicated employees, and often, the majority of these organizations also need semi-regular volunteers.

There are causes all around the world that could use help, from animal shelters and wildlife conservation efforts to orphanages and soup kitchens.

3. Interning

While its not the most glamorous gig, interning even just part-time will give you a pressure-free way to explore another field, position or environment.

You can opt for a remote gig or something part-time and in-house to still retain a large amount of freedom.

Think about what your dream company or dream job would be. Why not reach out and ask to intern to get your foot in the door?

You never know what opportunities could arise in the future.

Its important to enjoy your freedom, but its imperative to remember that just because your job has been put on pause, life hasnt.

Goals of a career, marriage or family can be postponed, but there is such thing as waiting too long.

Funemployment is a great time to try new things, follow your passion and refocus.

Our 20sare a crucial decade, and its integral to stay focused in the right direction, even when trying a new path.

Make that trip to Thailand. Take the photography class in Paris.

Volunteer to help underprivileged children. Write that novel youve been talking about for years, but havent started.

Taking time off to reassess and regroup is important, but so is the rest of your life.

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