A Place For Mitt Romney Diehards

Mitt Romney is, notoriously, the candidate Republicans settle for, not the one they fall in love with.

But there are a few Romney diehards, and there’s a place for them on the Internet: Mitt Romney Central.

The site features an active online community of members who use forums and chat rooms, and has almost seven times as many likes on Facebook as votes that Romney got in Maine. And they’re not affiliated with the campaign.

The site was started in September of 2009 by Nate and Luke Gunderson, with Jayde Wyatt as a writer, and Ross Abraham as a promoter. Gunderson had earlier started two other pro-Romney sites theMittblog.com and theMittForums.com.

The site receives almost 10,000 visits a day and receives no funding other than about $1400 dollars it has received through donations, according to Gunderson.

The goal, said Nate Gunderson: “to promote the person for President we feel most qualified in terms of experience, values, and ability: Mitt Romney.”

The site’s active core of users are online at all hours, ready express their devotion.

The first user I chatted with, “Mateo,” reiterate points the former governor makes on the campaign trail. He told me: “there are several great things about Mitt Romney. First, he has served a governor. Second, he understands how to work with members of both political parties. Third, he understands how to balance a budget. Fourth, he understands how to solve problems.”

Another user, “deanna ohio” cited “Mitt’s personality,” she said, “his achievements in business, and his completeness.”

User “SBALH” said: “Mitt is a truly successful leader and can get things done!!!”

But it’s not just voter’s opinions on the site. It’s Romney’s too. The site lists a comprehensive detail of Romney’s stances on issues, speeches dating back to 2004, and op-eds from 2008 to the present. The list contains more Romney information than you can find anywhere else on the web.

The site offers a detailed list of other pro-Romney sites and even sells it’s own merchandise featuring the Governor’s 2008 logo.

The site lists a team of eleven people who run it as a grassroots way of promoting Romney in his campaign to be the next President. The team promotes the site through social-networking, writing page content, or blogging. You can subscribe to the site and receive email updates.

Although recent polls show Romney isn’t adding any new fans among Republican primary voters, Mitt Romney Central is a bustling hub of pro-Romney activity. The sites has over 4,000 posts and 12,900 comments registered.

It really is Mitt Romney Central.

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