how to make money online for beginners | Action alert: Force the lapdog media to cover judge’s assault on blogger Aaron Walker’s free speech

Action alert: Force the lapdog media to cover judge’s assault on blogger Aaron Walker’s free speech!/Gunservatively/status/209677375796031490

Over the weekend, audio of a dramatic judicial violation of blogger Aaron Walker’s First Amendment rights bounced around conservative Twitter circles. In muzzling Aaron’s freedom to blog about political terrorist Brett Kimberlin, Judge Cornelius Vaughey showed complete disregard for Supreme Court precedent, willful ignorance of the facts, and blatant contempt for Aaron’s rights.

Contempt: Free speech-trampling judge in #brettkimberlin case exposed; help @aaronworthing fight back

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) June 4, 2012

Lying, violent convicted bomber felon and vexatious litigant Brett Kimberlin lied some more. And contrary to the propaganda spread online by Kimberlin’s cabal last week, it was Internet-ignorant and unbelievably arrogant Judge Cornelius Vaughey — not Aaron Walker — who displayed the worst contempt.

Patterico crowdsourced the work of transcribing the audio, and published some breathtaking evidence of free speech trampling today.

Unbelievable….judge in Kimberlin/Walker case isn't remotely fit to be on the bench.

— DrewMTips (@DrewMTips) June 4, 2012

an absolute travesty of justice: this judge has no right presiding over any legal preceding

— Gabriel Chapman (@Bacon_Is_King) June 4, 2012

So where do we go from here?

Now that it is clear that Aaron Walker was arrested for blogging about a public figure — and that a judge has imposed unconstitutional restraints on his speech rights — the next steps are clear:

  • Aaron Walker needs an immediate court order modifying the current peace order. There must be a clear judicial order stating that Aaron is allowed him to blog, tweet, and otherwise express himself publicly about public figure Brett Kimberlin. Every second that he is muzzled from speaking out is an intolerable crushing of his most sacred American right of free speech.
  • Aaron Walker needs legal help to obtain a reversal of this unconstitutional peace order, as well as to fight the possible criminal case against him for violating that peace order.
  • Aaron Walker needs a permanent injunction preventing Brett Kimberlin from seeking peace orders against Aaron based on his public speech about Kimberlin.

To accomplish these goals, we need the spotlight of Big Media on this tremendous injustice. Please spread the word, far and wide.

Bingo. Coverage by the mainstream media is crucial.

Aaron Walker’s supporters are tweeting and retweeting Patterico’s transcriptions and other blog posts about this assault on free speech, but that’s not enough. These posts need to be tweeted directly to reporters, commentators, and government watchdogs:

@ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN @FoxNews Free speech-trampling judge in Kimberlin case exposed;help Aaron Walker fight back

— #IAmAndrewBreitbart (@RichardRSmithJr) June 4, 2012

Hey @jaketapper ! This needs some attention! #WAR

— Leslie McDowell (@lemico01) June 4, 2012

Hey @watchdogorg. First amendment violation. This needs exposure now please.

— David Blackburn (@shiftzz) June 4, 2012

Bombard the press with this story until they sit up and take notice. Tweet, blog, email journalists, and call mainstream media outlets. And donate to the fund to help Kimberlin victims.

This is outrageous. Bloggers, this can happen to you if you don't fight back.

— RB (@RBPundit) June 4, 2012

Image credit: @Patterico.

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