After Brett Kimberlin blogburst, RedState blogger/CNN contributor Erick Erickson and family victims of SWATting; will CNN cover the story?

After Brett Kimberlin blogburst, RedState blogger/CNN contributor Erick Erickson and family victims of SWATting; will CNN cover the story?!/EWErickson/status/206907698254594049

We're ok. After I starting writing about #BrettKimberlin I informed the local sheriff's office to expect this to happen.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) May 28, 2012

More importantly, I have an unlisted phone number someone was able to track it down.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) May 28, 2012

@Patterico Yep. Not like your situation. It was an "accidental shooting" and I'd already told the Sheriff's Office to expect something.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) May 28, 2012

Being friends with the sheriff, DA, and judge do help.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) May 28, 2012

Earlier today, Georgia police were called to RedState blogger and CNN contributor Erick Erickson’s house by a person claiming that there had been an accidental shooting at his residence. Erickson’s unsuspecting kids were outside when the cop cars showed up with flashing lights. The tactic is known as SWATting because of its intended purpose to provoke a SWAT team to turn up at a victim’s door. On Friday, California blogger Patterico detailed exhaustively how he and another blogger were SWATted as convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin and his online associates were waging a frightening harassment campaign against them and others who dared to call attention to his criminal past.

Reminder from Patterico:

Although I am an L.A. County Deputy D.A., it is certain that I was “swatted” because of my blog and not because of my job. As Andrew Breitbart noted, this happened to two people within the course of a single week: a man in New Jersey and myself. Both of us had had contact with Andrew Breitbart. Both of us were writing about the same story. And both of us received email threats days before we were swatted. The threat to me said, in part: “Please think about your family. This story is not worth it. I can assure you that.”

Kimberlin target Aaron Worthing, who bravely stepped out to expose the online terrorist’s tactics last week, notes:

Because [Erickson] warned the police ahead of time that this could happen it wasn’t quite the dangerous situation that Patterico faced. But the intent to intimidate was there.

Exactly. Thankfully, Erickson had the foresight to warn his local police department that a tactic like this could be used against him.

SWATting the Ericksons via @ewerickson

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) May 28, 2012

Here’s Erickson’s blog post about how he and his family handled the terror tactic. Excerpt:

Last week we spent a lot of time writing about Brett Kimberlin and the incident involving blogger Patterico where someone spoofed his phone number and told 911 he had shot his wife.

Tonight, my family was sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner when sheriffs deputies pulled up in the driveway.

Someone called 911 from my address claiming there had been an accidental shooting.

It wasn’t nearly the trauma that Patterico suffered, but I guess the Erickson household is on somebody’s radar.

Luckily it was two sheriffs deputies who knew me and I had already, last week, advised the Sheriff’s Department to be on the look out for something like this.

To be honest, I look at this as a badge of honor that we are all successfully shedding light and disinfectant on the cretins.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) May 28, 2012

Haters gonna hate:

One immediate question now is: Will CNN finally cover this ongoing nightmare?

Update: They SWATted a @CNN contributor? Now that will make the story die… a #BrettKimberlin production?

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) May 28, 2012

@CNN should cover the story right? RT @EWErickson: SWATting the Ericksons

— Lee Doren (@LDoren) May 28, 2012

Stay tuned. Stay vigilant.


A recal email from Aaron Walker:

First I reported how Brett Kimberlin tried to frame me for a crime. You can read about it, here. It is a long post, but extremely well-documented.

Second, Robert Stacy McCain reported on how he had to abandon his house due to intimidation by Kimberlin.

Then Patrick Frey told you about how someone had “swatted” him, where person calls up the police and makes a false claim that a serious crime had been committed send the police to his house, guns drawn. This is not a prank; he could have been killed. You can read about that and the powerful evidence that former Raw Story editor Ron Brynaert committed this crime, here.

And now someone has done the same to Kimberlin critic Erik Erickson.

What we are watching, folks, is the attempt to suppress freedom of speech happening in real time. Alert the media.


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