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Bored Panda Is Looking For Top Copywriters To Fight Boredom Together!

We are looking for bored and ambitious pandas who want to write for 30 million bored pandas who read us every month! You’ll be the first to hear and write about what’s happening in the world of art, design and photography, and you’ll interview famous artists and creators.

We’ll be hiring talented all-rounders to write about a variety of topics from arts to animals, and category-only-specialists with expertise and interest in one of these subjects: Photography, Art, Animals, Parenting, Travel, and Humor.

Your typical day will include:

– Writing articles about art, photography and all kinds of interesting stuff that’s trending on the Internet;
– Creating titles that capture the essence of the story and engage users;
– Editing other people’s articles;

We expect you:

– To be a native English speaker;
– To have excellent writing and story-telling skills;
– To be experienced with blogging and web content creation;

We’d like to work with all of you, but only a small number of the best pandas will be chosen to work at our office located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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