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Commissions Are Easy

Sales commissions from your work online should be easy for you. What? You say it’s not?

Many programs that you might be using to earn sales commissions (or you might know them as affiliate commissions) are often over-promoted and there aren’t many that give you everything you need.

Think of what you need like a recipe. First you need to know about the context or your target market (like pre-heating the oven if you’re baking). Then you have your list of ingredients… offers, website pages or links, messaging and content (such as emails, etc.), a few different spices or curated content, traffic and maybe a few other things. Depends on what you are trying to make.

Here’s one way to think about it…


The recipe then spells out exactly how to combine the ingredients, how long to cook, and when to test for fully baked outcomes.

Instead of buying the next “BIG” thing or putting money into shiny objects and not getting results, if you focus on the recipe I guarantee you’ll get better results.

(Of course, your results will be different than everyone else… the guarantee here does not imply that you’ll get extraordinary sales, profits or income… only that you will actually get results.)

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