Community Post: 10 Reasons Why I Would Make An Awesome BuzzFeed Fellow

1. I’m on BuzzFeed so often that I sometimes find myself thinking about things in BuzzFeed-style lists by default

2. I spend most of my day on social media, as is evidenced by my 14,000+ tweets.

Maybe…….. nah.

3. I try my hardest to entertain people on the Internet; sometimes I even succeed

4. I’ve gone viral on BuzzFeed before so I know what it takes

I made a post about my alma mater (Fordham) that made it to the front page.

5. I’ve been sharpening my blogging skills for the past year on a personal and professional level

I’ve learned a lot through my internships and personal work, and I’ve become a better writer.

6. I know a lot about pop culture. A LOT.

(I know much, much more about One Direction than this)

7. I know when to buckle down and get work done…

8. …And when it’s time to have fun

9. And I live for cute animals, especially in GIF form

10. BuzzFeed, I think we could be something beautiful together

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