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Community Post: 12 Reasons Coffee Is The Perfect Valentine

1. Coffee’s the best kind of warm.

Having a hand to hold is overrated, anyway.

2. Coffee is rich.

But you’re not a gold digger. We’re talking “rich” as in bold, dark flavor.

3. Coffee gives you energy.

You know what a significant other doesn’t have? Caffeine.

4. Coffee smells awesome.

Forget Axe, cologne, or perfume— coffee doesn’t even have to try.

5. Coffee’s never grumpy in the morning.

Its sole purpose is to make your morning better.

6. Coffee is always there for you.

Wherever you are, chances are good that you can get
coffee just around the corner.

7. Coffee makes you happy.

American Academy of Neurology

And not just because of the taste. A National Institute of Health study found coffee drinkers are often less depressed than non-coffee drinkers.

8. Coffee’s kinda cute.

Or at least coffee shops are. Few places are more cozy and adorable.

9. Coffee is trustworthy.

No matter where you grab a cup, you can pretty much count on that classic flavor and caffeine kick.

10. Coffee keeps it interesting.

Espresso, mocha, latte, Americano, cappuccino, macchiato, over ice… the list goes on. And the flavor options are basically infinite.

11. Coffee would never stress you out.

In fact, a Seoul National University study linked just smelling coffee to reduce stress in sleep-deprived rats. Hey, we’ll take it.

12. Coffee is the best companion.

Whether you’re studying or binge-watching Netflix, coffee is always great to have by your side.

So, in conclusion:


And raise your hand if you care about coffee…

A&M Films / Via

Case closed.

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