Community Post: 12 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Bravo TV

1. You religiously watch all the various Real Housewives series.

Thank the heavens for DVR. You are definitely a Bravo-lover if you can admit to following all of The Real Housewives from Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, and Miami. Once you start you truly can’t stop.

2. You also followed all of the spin offs.

Including the wedding specials obviously. I mean we basically know these women right? Why not watch Bethenny Ever After and Don’t Be Tardy? Don’t lie you all know you’re dying to see I Dream of NeNe..

3. And you’ve probably come up with your own housewife tag line.

It’s okay to tell the truth and tell us what your tag line would be we won’t judge you. Celebrities do it on Watch What Happens Live all the time!

4. And you know a Real Housewives Reunion Special is better than the Super Bowl.

But really, it is. They are unpredictable, long, strenuous, and potentially dangerous. Andy Cohen feeds fuel to the fire and sometimes feels the heat for it (remember when Teresa Giudice threw up like a rag doll). There is nothing more enticing to a Bravo addict than a Real Housewives Reunion.

5. Your entire Twitter feed is full of Bravolebrities.

Before you knew it you’ve followed everyone from the Bravo Network on Twitter (including the bravoholic) and you freak out anytime they interact with you.

6. You’ve admitted to watching The Long Island Princesses.

Yes. The Long Island Princesses. You love Bravo right? So, you can be real with us, we know you watched the entire first season. And you probably freaking loved it. The best part is definitely the “old Jewish proverbs” that they make the girls recite at the beginning of every show…

7. It is essential to watch WWHL every night!

As a devoted Bravo TV watcher you know you’ve got to tune in at 11 for Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen! As a true addict you know when shotski night is and you anticipate who the mazel of the day will go to.

8. And you aren’t phased by the bizarre games…

Teach Me Your Talent, Truth or Cher, Glass Act, Plead the Fifth… nothing surprises you anymore because you are a true Bravo addict.

9. There’s 10 seasons of Top Chef and you’ve seen all of them.

You may not be able to whip up a fancy meal of your own, but you know exactly who you’d want to come over to make you dinner and that Padma Lakshmi is fabulous.

10. Jeff Lewis can be pretty scary.

You’re a little frightened by Jeff Lewis but you continue to watch all of his shows (okay maybe we’re all just watching for Zoila who knows).

11. But you know the real Bravolebrity to fear is Tabatha.

Jeff hasn’t got a thing on Tabatha Coffey and her takeovers. She is one terrifying woman who means business. As a Bravo addict you know she’s the true beast of Bravo.

12. You have Bravo clothing in your closet.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, but Bravo TV is too much of a guilty pleasure to give up. Instead let’s embrace our Bravo addiction and suit up in our favorite Shop By Bravo fashions!

Enjoy the rest of the summer fellow Bravo addicts!

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