Community Post: 19 Signs You’re A Complete Disaster

1. You’ve drunkenly snapchatted the ending of “Overboard” to an old crush.

This subtly says “I’m doing great AND am also eating McDonalds alone in the empty darkness of my apartment.”

2. You’ve been faced with your own mortality after almost choking on food while watching Shahs of Sunset

“This is it.. the end.”

3. You’ve defended the discount gourmet cheese basket at the grocery store

4. A coworker has said they “saw a bag of wine at the liquor store and thought of you.”

5. You’ve flown solo to a Texas Roadhouse


6. You’ve accidentally shattered a neon bar sign

I don’t know what you want from me, man. Shit happens.

7. You’ve been completely shithoused in front of your boss

8. You experienced your own personal crisis when Nene Leakes was hospitalized

9. You’ve spent your last few dollars on a framed print of Tom Selleck from a fairly unpopular 1990 film

10. You’ve received the dreaded “that payment method didn’t work” email from Netflix

11. You’ve accidentally kept a Redbox disc of “Katy Perry: Part of Me” for 17 days

12. You’ve impulsively purchased a Sam’s Club membership

And you felt like a grown up for about two seconds.

13. Your family-sized box of Super Pretzels lasted two-and-a-half days

14. You’ve woken up hungover and saw that you updated your Facebook status at 3 a.m. to “”

15. Your calorie tracker app keeps sending you notifications saying you haven’t checked in in weeks

16. You’ve sneaked korean barbecue into a movie theater

17. Your computer has started acting weird after you watched “Pretty Little Liars” on a sketchy website

18. You’ve dated a DJ

19. You’ve dated a magician

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