Community Post: 2013 NCAA Kickoff Preview: 16 Games You Need To See

1. Week 1) #1 Alabama vs. Virginia Tech

Why: Because Alabama are the reigning friggin’ BCS champions, and after three of their top players were taken in the first 10 picks of the NFL Draft, it should be interesting to see if they can jump right back into dominating teams again. Virginia Tech? They’re always on the cusp of being top 5 until they lose that one game and blow their chances. Unfortunately for them, that one game comes early. Beamer ball cant handle the SEC.

Where: ESPN at 5:30 PM on Saturday, August 31st.

Game Prediction: 42-14 Alabama

Bold Prediction: Alabama will not win the SEC West.

2. Week 2) #6 South Carolina vs. #5 Georgia

Why: Apologies to all the bros out there groaning that I didn’t pick Michigan/Notre Dame, you can complain about it to your Internet girlfriends or newest Tinder match. This is real SEC football, and the closest thing to Sunday. Jadeveon Clowney has already gone on record saying Aaron Murray is afraid of him (to keep it PG), and we’re willing to bet Aaron Murray wont mind getting knocked around a bit to forget about last years disastrous finish to the SEC season.

Where: ESPN at 4:30 PM on Saturday, September 7th.

Game Prediction: 24-17 Georgia

Bold Prediction: One of these teams will play in the BCS Championship Game.

3. Week 3) #1 Alabama vs. #7 Texas A&M

Why: Johnny Football. Last year, this was the game that made him a household name, cemented his fame and legitimized his Heisman chances. This year, he’ll be looking to toss and turn his way around a nightmarish group of defenders eager to knock his smug ass out cold.

Where: CBS at 3:30 PM on Saturday, September 14th.

Game Prediction: 21-17 Texas A&M

Bold Prediction: Johnny Manziel ends his college career undefeated against Alabama.

4. Week 4) Michigan State vs. #14 Notre Dame

Why: People are sleeping on Notre Dame, who found themselves on the wrong end of an ass whooping in last year’s BCS Championship, but in the big game nonetheless. How will they follow up their Cinderella campaign without Manti Te’o sliding glass slippers on the feet of his imaginary girlfriend? Expect Brian Kelly to coach his team to a victory against a Michigan State squad who lost workhorse running back Le’veon Bell to the NFL.

Where: NBC at 3:30 PM on Saturday, September 21st

Game Prediction: 31-21 Notre Dame

Bold Prediction: Notre Dame will lose their next three games, watching their BCS chances disappear faster than their player’s Christian Mingle accounts.

5. Week 5) #23 Wisconsin vs. #2 Ohio State

Why: Last year, OSU WENT UNDEFEATED. Urban Meyer actually convinced a bunch of kids to play hard even though they can’t have the big shiny trophy at the end of the season, due to NCAA violations and bowl ineligibility. This year, his Buckeyes get to show the world what they can do when it counts. The last time they played Wisconsin, it took overtime to shut the badgers down in a 21-14 thriller.

Where: ESPN/ESPN2/ABC at 8PM on Saturday, September 28th

Game Prediction: 41-24 Ohio State

Bold Prediction: Ohio State goes undefeated again and wins the BCS Championship.

6. Week 6) Kansas State vs. #13 Oklahoma State

Why: Oklahoma State averaged 46 points per game last season, with Kansas State scoring an average of 39 per game. That’s a lot of points. With Colin “Optimus” Klein out of the picture at KSU, the Cowboys will look to their high-powered offense to tame the Wildcats and neuter their defense.

Where: TBA on Saturday, October 7th

Game Prediction: 56-42 Oklahoma State

Bold Prediction: No matter what the over/under is, bet the over.

7. Week 7) #10 Florida vs. #12 LSU

Why: The Chomp leaves the Swamp and travels to the Bayou to face LSU, where UF leads the series 31–25–3 all time. LSU fans are convincing themselves Zach Mettenberger is the real deal, po’ boy by po’ boy, and this is his chance at redemption against a Gator team that dealt the Tigers their first loss last season. Florida fans are hoping one of their two quarterback options can restore their creative offense to the Tebow era, but Les “Mad Hatter” Miles and his bag of tricks will come ready to play.

Where: TBA on Saturday, October 12th

Game Prediction: 27-17 LSU

Bold Prediction: LSU will score at least one special teams or defensive touchdown.

8. Week 8) #24 USC vs. #14 Notre Dame

Why: History. This rivalry has been going strong since 1926, and remains responsible for some of the most unforgettable games in recent memory, including the “Bush Push”. Culturally they are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. These teams HATE each other. During the 2002-2009 stretch, USC swept the Fighting Irish, but last year ND fought back and beat the Trojans 22-14. Can they make it two in a row? The biggest key for the Irish D will be containing USC WR Marqise Lee, considered one of the best players in the country.

Where: NBC at 7:30 PM on Saturday, October 19th.

Game Prediction: 27-24 USC in overtime

Bold Prediction: Marqise Lee has over 150 yards receiving and all 3 USC touchdowns.

9. Week 9) #21 UCLA vs. #3 Oregon

Why: You like running backs. Johnathan Franklin, Jahvid Best, Maurice Jones Drew, Kenjon Barner, LeGarrete Blount, LaMichael James, and Jonathan Stewart are all NFL talents to recently pass through these programs. Expect a fast paced game with lots of action on the ground. Tune in to see how the University of Nike Ducks can fly without their offensive mastermind Chip Kelly calling the shots.

Where: TBA on Saturday, October 26th.

Game Prediction: 56-35 Oregon

Bold Prediction: Oregon’s primary offensive weapon and enemy eater, De’Anthony Thomas aka “DAT”, has at least 2 jaw dropping plays of over 50 yards, and Oregon will not kick one field goal.

10. Week 10) #13 Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

Why: Hey SEC fans, relax, this isn’t a trick and it’s certainly a treat. I know that #5 Georgia is playing #10 Florida and it’s going to be awesome, but, this is the Saturday of Halloween weekend, and odds are you will be hung over. Do you want to watch a low scoring smash mouth hard hitting game with a raging headache? NOPE. You want to watch OKState vs. Texas Tech. There will be no defense. These are two of the top 10 passing offenses in the NCAA, and they’ll be lighting up the scoreboard faster than you can throw up last night’s combination of candy corn and tequila.

Where: TBA on Saturday, November 2nd.

Game Prediction: 66-56 Oklahoma State

Bold Prediction: There are more combined passing touchdowns from both teams than drinks you had the night before.

11. BONUS GAME: #3 Oregon vs. #4 Stanford

Why: This is the best of the best when it comes to the Pac-12, and last year’s Stanford team defeated Oregon 17-14 in OT. Their only loss of the year, it removed any chances the Ducks had at a BCS Championship and played a part in coach Chip Kelly moving to the NFL to coach a different bird. This is prime time College Football, a rivalry game with a revenge factor, and surely the best thing on TV that night. You can expect RB Stefan Taylor and the Cardinals to control the tempo and clip the Duck’s wings once again.

Where: ESPN at 9PM on Thursday, November 7th.

Game Prediction: 24-21 Stanford

Bold Prediction: Stanford will win the Pac-12.

12. Week 11) #12 LSU vs. #1 Alabama

Why: These teams have been playing each other since 1895 and if history continues, the match-up usually determines the SEC champion. The Nick Saban coaching connection always adds fire to the flame, and LSU will look to end a two game losing streak against ‘Bama, including an embarrassing 21-0 thrashing in the 2012 BCS Championship game.

Where: TBA on Saturday, November 9th.

Game Prediction: 17-14 LSU

Bold Prediction: Les Miles acts like a arrogant asshole in the post game press conference, Nick Saban will not shake his hand after the loss.

13. Week 12) #10 Florida vs. #6 South Carolina

Why: It will be the last time Gamecock fans ever get to watch Jadeveon Clowney at home, and they’ll be loud and drunk for the visiting Gators. South Carolina’s easy schedule this year could mean they’re closer to the #1 team in the country by the time this game rolls around. Florida QB Jeff Driskel has nightmares about the legitimately scary defensive end and probably won’t be walking straight by the time this game is over.

Where: TBA on Saturday, November 16th

Game Prediction:28-20 South Carolina

Bold Prediction: Jadeveon Clowney is the first exclusively defensive player to win the Heisman trophy and is the #1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

14. Week 13) #7 Texas A&M vs. #12 LSU

Why: After their week 3 game against Alabama, this is the only other ranked team the Aggies will play in their schedule. Who is the last team that Johnny Manziel has lost to? That’s right, the LSU Tigers (24-19 in week 8 last season). Since then, he’s been virtually unstoppable, and you can expect that streak to continue.

Where: TBA on Saturday, November 23rd

Game Prediction: 35-21 Texas A&M

Bold Prediction: Texas A&M goes undefeated in the regular season, but loses in the SEC Championship game, resulting in Manziel drinking all of the bourbon on Bourbon Street.

15. Week 14) #2 Ohio State vs. #17 Michigan

Why: It’s “The Game”, and one of the best sports rivalries of all time. It’s the last game of the season for an Ohio State team that will be looking to go undefeated for the second straight year, and maintain their perfect record during the Urban Meyer era. Most importantly, it will bring sadness to thousands of Michigan bros drowning their sorrows in a Brother Jimmy’s near you.

Where: TBA on Saturday, November 30th

Game Prediction: 42-35 Ohio State

Bold Prediction: In the Buckeye’s regular season finale, Braxton Miller breaks Colt Brennan’s single season touchdown record, eclipsing the mark of 63 total touchdowns.

16. Week 15) #16 Oklahoma vs. #13 Oklahoma State

Why: It’s the final significant game of the NCAA regular season and the only match-up of ranked teams. Last season, Oklahoma defeated OK State 51-48 in overtime. With red-shirt freshman Trevor Knight attempting to fill the very large void left by Landry Jones departure, it’ll be interesting to see if the Oklahoma offense can keep up with the Cowboys and light up the scoreboard. It’s also a Saturday in December, so chances are you won’t be leaving your apartment if you don’t have to.

Where: TBA on Saturday, December 7th.

Game Prediction: 54-48 Oklahoma State

Bold Prediction: You’ll be glad you watched Oklahoma State play three times, so when you predict they win their BCS bowl game you’ll look like a hot shot in front of your friends.

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