Community Post: 22 People Doing It Right At Music Festivals

1. People who arrive in one of these:

2. This person who casually dances with others in a homemade Hello Kitty costume:

3. These people who don’t care about festival fashion and just want to play in the mud:

4. People who wear banana suits:

Wearing a banana suit to a festival (or on any other occasion, actually) is the literal definition of “doing it right.”

6. Especially while rocking a beard and a bowtie while double fisting.

7. People who partner with other people dressed as food:

8. Who else does it right? People who carry around jellyfish.


11. So are people who wear overalls un-ironically:

12. And people in elaborate masks:


Note that a serpent dude in white pants has joined this party.

15. People with horse head masks count, too. Anyone who wears one all day in summer is absolutely doing it right.


Seeing a horse head in the crowd is hilarious 100% of the time.

17. People who wear things you didn’t even know existed:

Whatever decision making went into this inflatable deer half-body outfit was a good one.

18. People who show up like this:

19. This guy who is doing it even better than anyone you’ve ever seen:

20. People who care about nothing but having a good time:

21. People who may or may not be doing it right, but at least try:

22. Finally, the pinnacle of doing it right: hugging at a festival while dressed as Teletubbies.

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