Community Post: 24 Important Melodramatic College Life Lessons

1. Small things count. Like they are SO important, guys.

2. And they usually happen in slow-mo.

3. So just be sure you’re appropriately dressed.

Especially for those slo-mo moments.
*Nailed it.*

4. Say what you need to say – don’t wait until AFTER graduation.

“Seriously, Ben? Now I’m going to have to follow you to NYU all creeper like.”

5. How to kiss someone – STEP ONE: Ask them to explain something very complex.

6. STEP TWO: Mash your mouth into their’s, while they’re explaining it.

8. Know that sometimes first impressions aren’t always right.

9. Who you were before college can be lost in the ethers of college.

10. In fact, your college reputation can open up amazing opportunities for upward mobility.

11. So always be planning BIG for your future.

12. Because it sucks to have regrets.

13. Maybe, just try to avoid avoid your past, altogether.

14. Because there are always better, more efficient alarm clocks (I mean boyfriends) to be had out there. And they’re called Ben Covington.

Sorry, Noel.

15. Life giving you lemons? Or are there just two hunky men fighting over you? Get a haircut

16. Make sure to Vine it for all your friends.

17. Oh wait – life before “vlogging.”

18. You know what – maybe keep it to yourself. Sharing sometimes sucks, too.

19. Seriously sharing is lame. Keep those feelings to yourself!

21. Maybe channel those feelings into an art project instead?

22. Pop Quiz! Do you know the what the most important thing you’ll get in college is?

23. No, silly – it’s love! Just remember…

24. Love is a battlefield.

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