Community Post: 24 Problems Only Girls Who Travel Will Understand

Community Post: 24 Problems Only Girls Who Travel Will Understand

1. Tampons.

The first time you saw this you were puzzled.

2. Bugs you never even knew existed.

They aren’t just bugs. They are bugs the size of hands and fingers. They are bugs that jump…on you.

3. Trying to fit your life in two pieces of luggage.

Did we mention we even have to try to keep it under 50 lbs?

4. Hostel life.

Sharing a room with three (or eight) strangers, bed bugs and communal bathrooms…word vomit.

5. Wattage.

RIP to all the straighteners, hair dryers and computers lost.

6. The language barrier.

The struggle from english to english is hard enough — try english to french/german/Swedish/etc.

7. The realization that some countries don’t use dryers.

Seriously, what is this? Your clothes will never smell as good as they once did, feel the same nor dry in less than thirty minutes.

8. You can’t watch any of your favorite TV shows while they are airing.

Housewives, Girls, Revenge, Scandal, New Girl….noooope. Stream them online hours after if you’re lucky…from your laptop. Also, you probably can’t afford or don’t have a TV so you watch everything via your laptop.

9. Don’t even try your Netflix account.


10. You can’t find any of your favorite stores.

Nice knowing ya, J. Crew! It’s been real, Express! Not even a chance, Vineyard Vines! Hoping for a Forever 21!

11. Finding something that resembles J. Crew/Express/Vineyard Vines/Forever 21/etc but you can’t afford it.

So close yet so far away.

12. People mistaking your desperation for friends as flirting.

13. Falling in love with products overseas that you can’t get at home or abroad.

And you will never be able to afford to ship them on the regular basis that you use/need them.

14. Attempting to convert your shoe size or clothing size to the standard in whatever country you are in.

Wait, so a size 10 means a size 2?

15. Learning to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and actually understanding how hot or cold it is.

Best trick is to times Celsius temperature by 2 and add 32, FYI

16. Trying to learn the Metric system because in 2nd grade we didn’t understand why we would ever need this or vice versa.

Why are we the only country not using this? Also, why am I still struggling to learn this?

17. Freshmen 15 all over again.

Everything looks so good. We’ll take one of each!

18. If you weren’t already obsessed with coffee, now you are.

Gotta have your fix whether it’s a flat white, long black, cappuccino, espresso, etc.

19. Getting used to the currency.

Cheers— to all the times I thought a two-dollar note was a one-dollar note. Good timez.

20. Public transport.

You meant to be heading somewhere and ended up somewhere else.

21. Driving on the opposite side of the car on the opposite side of the road.

When in doubt, go left?

22. Trying to get a job on your visa.

Only abroad is it hard to get hired by McDonald’s.

23. When you’re sick and are using home remedies instead of going to the doctor’s and paying the up-front charges.

And by home remedies I mean catch up on TV on your laptop and stay in bed all day for like a week.

24. Discovering that other countries actually use military time.

The struggle of adding or subtracting 12 and deciding if it’s AM or PM.

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