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Community Post: 32 Things Harry Styles Would Do If He Was Your Valentine

1. Gently wake you up to the glorious, Harry-filled reality better than any dream you could possibly be having.

And what a show it would be.

2. Spend the morning staring into your eyes until everything is Harry and nothing hurts.

3. Give you a box of himself

…because he’s sweeter than any chocolate Hershey’s could ever make,

4. a dozen roses

…whose thorns dissipate at the touch of Harry’s tender kiss,

5. and the top buttons to all his shirts

…as a promise to never use them again.

6. Serenade you until the instruments refuse to play because they can’t compete with his voice of pure perfection…

7. …and confess every lyric was written just for you.

8. Let you touch his hair and therefore the gates of heaven.

9. Say this is how he feels about spending Valentines Day with you.

10. Give you a puppy exhausted from competing with Harry’s cuteness.

11. Side smile at you with the dimples as deep as the love he feels for you.

That’s why his dimples are so big… they’re full of secrets.

12. Reenact romantic movies with you like Titanic

…when you get to be Niall,

13. Singing in the Rain

…when you get to be the lamp post,

14. and Ghost

…when you get to choose between being Niall or the clay.

15. Get a tattoo of to signify the permanence of your love.

Preferably of your face using two of his nipples as eyes.

16. Let you wear the cotton crown upon his chocolate curls.

(aka his headband)

17. Tell you how beautiful you look today.

18. Break traditional gender roles by cooking you a romantic dinner for two.

Because Ryan Gosling isn’t the only feminist.

19. Say that he loves you.

20. Write that he loves you.

21. And, of course, sing that he loves you.

Because you literally could not hear it enough.

22. Cuddle you up into the Harry burrito you’ve always longed to be a part of.

23. Present you with sexy lingerie in the form of a candy thong.

24. Then decide it looks better on himself.

Which, let’s be honest, it does.

25. Talk dirty.

26. Get dirty.

Ignore sexy Zayn.

27. Bless your eyes with the sexiest Valentines Day strip tease the world has ever known..

28. … before literally combusting into a firey ball of raw sexual energy all directed right at you.

29. Apologize for not being able to contain himself.

30. Say the single best thing Harry Styles could ever possibly say to you… causing you to actually die.

31. Then bring you back to life with a single kiss, thus confirming he is your one true love and you are his.

32. Finally, ride you off into the sunset on his red scooter of love to a place where dreams come true.

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