Community Post: 8 Places To Visit In Crown Heights, Brooklyn

The up and coming (read: gentrifying) neighborhood has a lot to offer for folks who like good food, books, cheese, and so much more

1. Chavela’s

Hands down the best Mexican place east of Prospect Park. Not only is their food delicious but cheap too. You can leave there spending less than $10 and feel totally satisfied. Don’t forget to check out their drink specials too!

Chavela’s is located at 736 Franklin Ave.

2. Conrad’s Famous Bakery

If you’re looking to try some authentic West Indian food look no further than Conrad’s Bakery on Utica Avenue. Try their butter bread. It is addictive. It recently got written up in the New York Daily News so get there before they start jacking up their prices.

Conrad’s is located at 299 Utica Ave.

3. Syd’s Serious Sandwich Shop

If you’ve never been to Philly the closest thing you will find to an authentic Philly cheese stake will be at Syd’s. The take out joint serves up cheese steaks, delicious breakfast foods, and vegetarian items (yes even veggie cheese steaks). The staff is super friendly and speedy to boot!

Syd’s is located at 759 Nostrand Ave

4. Hullabaloo Books

Bookstores are the the cherry on top of already awesome neighborhoods. Nothing is better than thumbing through some books, chatting with friendly employees, and supporting a local business. Hullabaloo has all that to offer plus great readings from fantastic authors including Chavisa Woods, Paul Lisicky, and Sarah Perry. The readings are free and so worth checking out.

Hullabaloo is located at 711a Franklin Ave

5. Lincoln Terrace Park

Okay sure this park has a high crime rate and a constant police presence but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful and fun to hang out in. Just leave your wallet at home and bring a nice picnic. It’s so much less crowded than Prospect Park (which once upon a time didn’t have the best reputation).

Lincoln Terrace Park is located at Rochester Ave and Eastern Parkway.

6. Franklin Park

Beer garden: Check. Awesome events: Check. Burger joint connected: Check. Basically Franklin Park has everything you would ever want in a neighborhood bar. Even when the weather isn’t great they still hold amazing events and have created a real community feel to Franklin Ave.

Franklin Park is located at 618 St. Johns Pl

7. NoBar

Crown Heights may have its roots in West Indian and Jewish tradition but nowadays it is easy to find delicious food from all over the world in the neighborhood. NoBar serves up traditional creole food that makes your mouth water the moment you step in the door. Besides the great New Orleans feel of the place they host a great karoake night every Monday and sometimes owner, actor Anthony Mackie (Hurt Locker) stops in.

NoBar is located at 608 Nostrand Ave.

8. Eastern Parkway

One of the greatest parts about living in Crown Heights is Eastern Parkway. The beautiful tree line boulevard stretches from Ralph Avenue to Grand Army Plaza. If you walk the whole distance you’ll pass by landmarks such as the Crown Heights branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, the Brooklyn Jewish Children’s Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, and Prospect Park. You can bike, walk, rollerblade, or skateboard through the parkway.

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