Community Post: Introverts Have Friends Too!

1. You are each other’s only friend or at most, one of few

2. It is a miracle you even made friends and kept in touch in the first place

3. If you met in high school, it may have been at the back of one of your classes, where you both attempted to avoid attention

4. Your friend may likely be the only person you talk to all day

5. When you go out together, you compare how long it’s been since each of you have left the house

6. You make joint New Year’s resolutions to make new friends this year, and then again, the following year

7. You make dates to Skype, but not talk, and instead do work

8. When you “hang out,” you go to coffee shops to read, draw, write poetry or knit

9. You didn’t go to prom, together

10. You probably didn’t go to one cool high school party, or if you did, you instantly regretted it

11. Your high school parties consisted of you trying a new recipe on a blog and then watching TV

Or just blogging and TV watching in general.

12. After you go out with other people, you both need twice as much time to recharge and be alone after

13. When you’re together, your throat gets hoarse because it is the most time you ever talk to anyone

14. You are not offended if your friend cancels on you; instead, you use the opportunity for some alone time

15. Other people are surprised when they see you together, because you’re actually talkative and have a personality

16. You bonded over not being able to relate to other conversations

17. Somehow you always end up talking about life and death

18. Until you met your friend, you mainly had friends who you would feign sociability and common interests with

Including, but not limited to: matching customized T-shirts, shopping, slumber parties and gossiping about other people

19. You didn’t realize how important human connections were until you met you friend, and now you cannot imagine not having him or her

20. People ask your friend how you are doing or if you are OK, but do not ask you directly

21. Your parents are thankful for your friend

22. You talk to each other about fictional characters like they are real

23. You have discussed how your cats would react to each other if they met, and how cool it would be if they were friends

24. When you’re at a large group event together, you rely on each other to sense when the time is right to make the proper excuses to leave

25. You can tell when the other is becoming socially drained in public, and you cover for him or her because he or she would do the same for you

26. You have made a wordless agreement to keep conversations on the phone to a minimum

27. You have discussed how the best super power would be invisibility

28. You go out together during the slow hours when there are less people about

29. You have formed a book club that consists of the two of you

30. You refer to many of the other people you know as acquaintances

31. You discover you had very similar, unique, childhoods

32. At least one of you forms great attachments with inanimate objects and gives them names

33. Neither of you will ever propose to continue the party elsewhere

34. You can imagine what experience you would have had if not for your friend — lonely and more sad

35. Once you suspected you were introverted, you took the Myers-Briggs Type test and compared letters

36. You’re often not considered socially appropriate with most other people

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