Community Post: Lady Gaga’s “Applause” Music Video In 25 GIFs

25. Wonder what she was doing… 😉

24. When that one guy stalks her building in NYC.

That one guy is referring to Perez Hilton and the drama that surrounds the two.
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23. You know just walking the runway all fierce and sh*t.

22. That moment we realize Gaga is part Unicorn.

21. Multiple personalities.

20. Let me remind you how fierce my body has become… (again)

19. Feeling like a Black Swan and all.

18. Intense ass Applause.

17. Channeling MJ.

16. Some good old-fashion choreographed dancing.

15. And then she is feeling it. Maybe too much.

14. Can’t forget the glitter.

13. Lights out.

12. 1.2.3… shrink.

11. Sad… yet proud.

9. A little metallic makeup.

8. Genuine happiness.

7. Victoria Secret angel gone dead.

6. Fame Monster / Looks like after song leaks.

5. Gone with the wind fabulous.

4. That Face. Beauty.

3. Hair tips from Beyoncé. Flawless weave.

2. Really that hair.


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