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“Oy gevalt, Anne. Oy gevalt.”

“Zug gornisht! They can hear you.”

“Ron Burgundy fancies himself a big macher.”

“Oh boo hoo. What a groyser kunt.”

“A shaynem dank dir im pupik, Santa.”

“Oy gevalt, Kim. Don’t let that Kris make an agunah out of you!”

“A broooooooookh!”

“Jude Law, dibst a manipulative, cheating shtick drek.”

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“Was he really shtupping all of them?!? What bobkes (nonsense)!”

“A choleryeh af dir, you back-stabbing shtick drek.”

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“Of course they’ll keep shtupping around! After all, a chazer bleibt a chazer.”

“Oy vey, buddy. We’re seriously ahf tzuris.”

“Woah, he is one badass alter kocker.”

“That Dowager Countess is one serious balabusta.”

“Shtup Ryan Gosling in a movie? Ot azoy!”

“Doctor, you’re a true balnes! This liquid facelift makes me look 10 years younger!”

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“You left me bubpkis? What a stingy ben zona!”

“Can’t you see I’m in crisis? Your girl problems are drek ahf a shpendel.”

“OMG. What a shtik fleisch mit tzvei eigen!”

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