Community Post: Why I’ll Be Blogging On @BuzzfeedUK For A Bit…

Community Post: Why I’ll Be Blogging On @BuzzfeedUK For A Bit…

I’ve recently discarded my Blogger blog for this one [The Tumblr this is re-blogged from], and now I’m taking a break from this one to concentrate on my Buzzfeed profile. Some might argue that I should pick my seat and sit in it, but I’d argue this experimentation with different platforms is an agile approach to blogging, writing and saying my piece.

My thought process:

If I have something I think is worth blogging, I’ll blog it. Despite the fact that this Tumblr sees infrequent updates, as did my previous blog on Blogger, I do enjoy writing about things that I know a little bit about, or at least have an opinion on. All I need is a platform.

I’m not selling a product or service, I don’t necessarily need a central ‘home’ for all of my content, and even if I did, that needn’t be ‘mine’ (In the way that some might see their website or blog as ‘their’ space).

Using my personal networks, I can direct as many people to my posts on Buzzfeed as I can to posts Blogger or Tumblr – When I tweet or Facebook a link, I’m still reaching the same 1st degree audience, and the likelihood of being retweeted or having FB posts shared isn’t really impacted by the platform I’m blogging on. The factors that do influence those shares will be the headline (click-bait), accompanying image (cat-click-bait), or content of the article itself (hilarious stuff about cats).

You ask: So, Buzzfeed is no worse than Blogger or Tumblr, but is it any better, why not stay with Tumblr?

Good question, and here’s a response – At the moment I’m reaching about as many people as I did before, but that isn’t the point. The points are:

Buzzfeed makes it really easy to publish posts full of rich content – Easier than Tumblr and Blogger in my experience.

Buzzfeed has a healthy community, if my post strikes a cord, it will rise in prominence, and reach lots of people that aren’t in my existing networks.

If my post is awesome (I’m still working on that), there’s a chance it might get featured high-up, and reach thousands of people.


Hey, Buzzfeed might not work for me, it might turn out that my sense of humour is terrible, that I can’t write a good piece, that I get lost in the ether. If that happens I can start blogging here on Tumblr again.

However, if one or two of my pieces do strike a cord, if it turns out that I do have a decent sense of humour, or that I can write stuff that people want to share, then Buzzfeed’s platforms gives me access to a community that I would find nigh-on impossible to reach via my Tumblr or Blogger blogs.

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