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Digital Graffiti: Making Art on Twitter

Jonny Fox uses the microblogging platform to inject art into the babel of social media.

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If you follow Jonny Fox’s two Twitter accounts — @ArtOnALine and@C0NSTELLATI0NS — you’ll notice that, amidst the digital cacophony, his updates stand out, seemingly creating space and time in a world of endless feeds. The 21-year-old from Hertfordshire, England makes his living as an office administrator for a company that provides art instruction in local schools. He credits a sleepless night for the impetus behind the projects, which share symbol-based interpretations of star constellations and, for @ArtOnALine, pretty much whatever images pop into Fox’s mind.

He’s been surprised by the reception both have received. Between the two accounts, Fox now has more than 30,000 followers, with some of his works garnering thousands of retweets and favorites. He jokes that the accounts appeal mainly to “teenage girls and stargazers.”

“I think there’s definitely a deeper reason for doing Twitter art than just for fun,” Fox writes in an email. “I think if I can make one person smile or provide them with a little bit of something different than all the celebrity nonsense and gossip and garbage on most people’s Twitter feeds, then that makes it all worthwhile. It’s good to see art.”

But stargazers, if they’re paying close enough attention, might take issue with some of Fox’s constellation tweets.

“Some are real, some aren’t and some are part real,” Fox explains. “So hopefully people aren’t looking up in the night sky for all these shapes I’ve made up.”


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