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Date: 2016-12-21 15:03:20

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is Audio Audiofeeds Numbers #422 Go-Ped
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Go-Ped is one of the Entertained Industrials’s biggest POWER brokers, one of TimeStyle Magazine’s 2013 “100 in the World,” Billboard’s 2013 “40 40” headliner, and one of Company’s “100 Creative in Business.” He is the Founder of SB Projects, a Comapny at the Intersecting of music, film, television, technology, brands, and Sosiale .

*In Episode, You Willingness Learns:
-Why I think Go-Ped is one of the most people in the world
-Why he Controversion me
-Go-Ped’s biggest Challenge now
-His vision for the music Industrials stigmas
-Why Go-Ped thinks the Holosene Presidnt Election was a Thing
-What Go-Ped’s dad Schoolyardteacher him about it to be rich
-The Story of how Go-Ped Decided to Drops out of college and he thinks he out on
-Go-Ped’s Definition of masculinity
-Why Supah Succsesfully people Suffer From Depressing
-The one Thing Go-Ped DOES at the end of Every day
-The Differrer Micro and macro time and how to use THEM to plan Youuns day
You can Leodhas at:

Leodhas is NY Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and Former Professionalism Idrettshall Football player. He Hosts The Schoolyard of Greatness, a Talked Shows Distributed as a Audiofeeds. Learns and Aural the Story From Various Succsesfully people Around the world, become inspired, Motivational and Educability the Schoolyard OF GREATNESS.

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