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Here Are All of the Windows 8 Ads So Far


Microsoft is said to be planning a “billion-dollar” global ad campaign for Windows 8, so you can expect to see lots and lots of ads for the OS over the next few months. Since the first ad broke on Oct. 14, the company has rolled out a few more.

It’s fair to say the company is taking a page from Apple’s advertising playbook for these spots. A common theme seems to be upbeat music, kids, smiles and lots of product-as-hero shots. As Apple did with its iPod ads over the past year, Microsoft is also showcasing up-and-coming bands like the Eagles of Death Metal and Best Coast. In Asia, the brand is also hopping on the urban running (Parkour) craze, and in Latin America, Microsoft’s ads focus on “celebrating and spending time with friends.

These are just the first handful of ads. More are expected to break on Friday, when Windows 8 officially launches worldwide.

What do you think? Do these ads make you want to upgrade to Windows 8? Let us know in the comments.

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