How Old People Use The Internet

1. Before I even get to my computer, I should probably figure out how to search

3. Searching for “Google” because that is how you search for things

4. Wait, does that say Google?

5. Yes, right. Okay now, what to search?

6. First, gotta check the nEWs

7. Search for my meds

9. See what my friends are up to on Facebook. Does that say Facebook?

Thomas Hodel / Reuters

10. Ah yes, that’s much better

dapd, Joerg Koch / AP

11. See what’s happening on

12. Everythings looks good on the INTERNET

13. Back to Google, got more stuff to search for

14. OH MAN what did I do my Google isn’t in English anymore

15. No no no I wanted Wikipedia to see what language I’m stuck in

16. Oh god what are apps where am I

17. Maybe if I just take a step back

18. A little bit further

19. What the hell this magnifying glass must be broken

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