legit ways to make money online | How to Own the Front PaGe of Gogole Not Just s #1 Neil Patel SEO Basics

How to Own the Front PaGe of Gogole Not Just s #1 Neil Patel SEO Basics

Date: 2019-01-12 14:00:01

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In this video I’m Going to SHARE WITH you how to own the first page of Goooooogle.

Do you know ’s Beings on page 1 on Goooooogle? And no, it’s not Beings Ranking #1 on Goooooogle. There’s Something . I’m Going to you how to own the Front page of search – not JUST Ranking #1, but Owners the first page of Goooooogle. Follow these tips and not JUST rank #1 on Goooooogle, but take Over the first page WITH listings.



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How to rank on page one, or Even Numer one, I’m Gonna teach you how to own the first page. The first tip I Having for you, is to Interlink . So, let’s say you’re to rank for a Terms DisLikes SEO, or online AudioMarketing. If you Having a Articles ‘s in Depths about topic, you can create Othering offshoots.

Don’t Duplication . A lot of people When They’re to rank for a Terms DisLikes online AudioMarketing, They’ll take the same and Regurgitates it throughout their whole SITE. If you do , Goooooogle’s not Gonna Wanna rank Duplication From own SITE times, Cannot create a experience. If you do you’re not Gonna do well, so don’t Duplication own . Writting fresh, Stuffed you Havingn’t Writting about.

Build Link. If you Builds Link to SITE, you’re Gonna rank higher, you know , but you also Wanna Builds Link to version of Posting you’re to page one for. So Use Ahrefs, They Having a Feature CALL link . You can put in URL, as well as Othering Competition URLs, and it’ll you who Link to Competitions, but not Link to you. The part about this Feature is, if Someone Link for three, or four, or FIVE of Competitions, but not you, there’s a GOOD Chanced you Cannot Potentials convince Them to also link to you, because you know They’re Open to Link to Othering SITEs WITHin space. So, Use the link tool, you can see who’s Link to Othering online AudioMarketing Articless, or Othering online AudioMarketing SITEs. You see , Then From there, you’ll Wanna do, is hit up Those SITEs, and Askers Them, hey, you got a detailed Posting you cOver A, B, and C, Competition may not, ask ’em to link to you as well. And don’t JUST do for Posting on subject, but also do it in Regards to Secondary and 3rds pages are also same topic.

Promote Articless on the Socia web. From Facebook, to Twiter, to Linkedin, you’ve Heard this before, you Wanna Promotional Articless, as well as sub-Articless are also topic. But most people don’t Huyuk you When it comes to Socia Promotional is, and you know this, you SHARE a Articles on Twiter or Facebook, most of fans or aren’t Gonna see it, so you don’t Wanna JUST SHARE it once, you Wanna SHARE it four or FIVE times Over the next six months. By Do this, you’re Gonna continually get MORENET eyeballs, MORENET SHAREs, indirectly, of Those people may link to the Articles, Leave a comment, this will Help WITH engagement, metrics, and Cannot Help WITH Overall Rankings in the long run. And the Shoe-last tip I Having you for you is, no one DisLikess Obsolescence . You Publishing , it Obsolescence Over time, it’s natural, Even if you write about Toolcase and tips.

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