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So let’s back up a step or two. Before you get all starry eyed (and believe me I do too) about the millions available to you on the internet, take a minute or two and think about what kind of business you want to run or own. Fortunately for you and me both, we don’t have to start from scratch.  There have been a number of studies written about different types of businesses on the internet which can be successful.

Consensus seems to be that there are about 7 different business models (effective ones where you actually make money) on the internet, and these have been tested, refined, used by pros and have proven to be the best choices.

For example, here is one list from a recent post on, you see Top 10 ideas and then a couple of advice posts at the end.



Of course you can go out and create your own from scratch… and honestly I think all of us would like to do that… but why not take advantage of the success already proved. There are enough internet users and potential customers to go around. If you make one more of one of these businesses, the potential to be successful is still there and will be for many, many years to come.

Our theory and most of the products and services we well are based on this: “Internet business development and online marketing have to use the same principles and best-practice tactics as any other business development or marketing endeavor.”  You know why?  Because it’s still true that (at least in the USA) consumers or customers (in the case of B2B) respond to business offerings and services in many of the same ways as consumers respond to offline businesses.

Naturally there are some differences, and some of the ways you will market a business online are very different or required different skills than a business you market offline.  For example, anything you do to market a product or service online will produce results (or not) in a very short period of time!  And there are other factors tied to email, online advertising, and so on that are unique for internet businesses.

If you are still reading, and you agree with our hypothesis (or theory), then come along and we’ll walk through the steps needed to build your own, successful online or internet business.  You will find more detail on each of these, along with our current service offerings, either already on this site or in future content we publish here.


You need 3 things to build a business (online or offline):

  1. Something to sell
  2. Customers to sell to (that want what you have)
  3. A way to sell your stuff

These translate to the following structure:

First, decide what you want to sell.  Online there are tons of options (see the Top 10 list above) and plenty of places to do research or homework on what you sell. One of the key factors is that you are passionate about or highly interested in whatever it is that you sell. This is important because it will help you stay motivated during slow sales periods or rough financial waters.

Second, decide how you want to sell.  What this means (and much much more detail on this later) is that there are choices you have on how to set up your business.  Basically the choices range from “Not involved at all” or an absentee owner… you hire or contract all of the work… all the way up to “owner-operator”… you do everything you can and find a way to somehow get the rest done.  This is where the type of internet business and business model comes in, and as mentioned there will be more articles and details here very soon.

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Third, the ways to sell online are also varied but really come down to a decision from you on whether you want your own website or sites or if you are comfortable selling products listed on someone else’s site.  Either way is fine… there are success stories from both.  And, as you would expect there are positives for both and negatives for both.  In order to choose — or maybe you decide to start with other people’s sites and switch eventually to your own — you need information on costs, how to build the site you want, who will manage and host the site and so on.  This is another area where we will provide much much more detail.  Specifically, one of our areas of expertise is “niche websites”.  Very soon we will post more content here and list the services we provide so you can make an intelligent decision. (P.S. Many of these topics are also covered in our newsletter… so you will get the details if you sign up using the form above.)

So… you still here?  Yeah it can get very complicated very fast, especially when you first start.  But that’s why we are here, to help smooth out the bumps along the way, assist as best we can with your preparation, offer to build the tools and sites you want, and provide general guidance and referrals to experts. That way you are never really alone… we are here to help and truly do want you to be successful!

Thanks for stopping by.  More later…




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