More Tweets Sent Each Day This Year Than Entire 2008 Olympics


The Olympics officially take over the world for the next two weeks with Friday’s opening ceremony in London, and Twitter just launched its dedicated event page aimed at tracking Olympics buzz on the social network and becoming a conversation hub for fans around the world.

Produced in partnership with NBC — the Games’ official broadcaster in the United States — the page at uses a combination of human curation and algorithms to collect relevant tweets from fans, media and athletes. The page can also be viewed by non-Twitter users looking to follow along.

The dedicated hub makes sense: Twitter said in a blog post Thursday that more tweets are already being sent about the London Olympics each day than were sent during the entire 2008 Olympics in Beijing. More than two-thirds of American Olympians are on Twitter, according to the company, and the build-up to the 2012 Games has sparked 100 times more tweets than the lead-up to the 2008 Games and 10 times as many tweets as the lead-up to Vancouver 2010.

The Olympics page isn’t the first time Twitter has launched a major hub surrounding sporting events, however. It announced a similar production with NASCAR at a joint press conference in May. Then, in June, Twitter on its own produced a social hub for the Euro 2012 soccer championships. The Olympics are the biggest event it has tried to tackle so far, but expect to see these pages become more and more common.

If Twitter does indeed have designs on becoming something more resembling a media outlet — which many suspect — sports are a logical starting point. Sports moments dominate the tweets-per-second record book, and the network has become a go-to destination for breaking news and fan discussion during games.

Will you use the page — or do you think it’s unnecessary clutter? Share your opinion in the comments.

Jones, whose social media success we profiled in May, is the standard bearer for Olympians on Twitter. She’s honest, hilarious, tweets often, and is a world class hurdler for the United States.

  • Kevin%2520love

    2. Kevin Love

    A member of the American men’s basketball team, Love is one of the NBA’s cleverest players on Twitter. He should be an entertaining follow in London.

  • Usain%2520bolt

    3. Usain Bolt

    Bolt will be one of the Olympics’ biggest stars. The Jamaican sprinter recently told us about his interest in tech and social media. He shares photos often on Twitter.

  • Juan%2520mata

    4. Juan Mata

    Mata helped Spain to the Euro 2012 title earlier this summer and will look to follow that up with an Olympic championship in August. He tweets in English and Spanish.

  • Caroline%2520wozniacki

    5. Caroline Wozniacki

    The Danish tennis star is engaging on Twitter, frequently posting her training and status updates. Even better, she dates pro golfer Rory Mcilroy — both are terrific follows when the other is competing.

  • Candace%2520parker

    6. Candace Parker

    The top women’s basketball player in the world suits up for the United States. Parker is active, humorous and down-to-earth on social media.

  • Ricky%2520berens

    7. Ricky Berens

    The American swimmer told us in May that he uses social media to boost his visibility and marketing potential. His lighthearted tweets and frequent interactions with fans on Twitter helped him pick up sponsors like BMW and Got Chocolate Milk.

  • Jordan%2520burroughs

    8. Jordan Burroughs

    A wrestler for the United States, Burroughs’ frequent updates, enthusiasm and humor have helped him rack up more than 20,000 followers. His handle, @alliseeisgold, is pretty cool too.

  • Dominik%2520meichtry

    9. Dominik Meichtry

    Meichtry swims for Switzerland and is betrothed to American swimmer Jessica Hardy. He’s enthusiastic about sharing the Olympic experience with followers.

  • Nick%2520symmonds

    10. Nick Symmonds

    The American middle-distance runner spoke to us in June. He is super active on Twitter and is an outspoken advocate for Olympians’ rights to market themselves, despite IOC restrictions.

  • Lebron%2520james

    11. LeBron James

    Perhaps the 2012 Olympics’ biggest celebrity, James won his first NBA title with the Miami Heat in June and will look to follow up in London with his second gold medal. He took time off Twitter during the NBA Playoffs, but will likely be much more active during the summer games.

  • 080e65e4

    12. Neymar

    The soccer prodigy tweets mostly in Portuguese, but should be a fun follow as he tries to lead Brazil to its first Olympic title.

  • Natalie%2520coughlin

    13. Natalie Coughlin

    An American swimmer, Coughlin is super friendly, funny and accessible on Twitter.

  • Rebecca%2520adlington

    14. Rebecca Adlington

    In May, it was reported that Adlington would forsake Twitter in London because of cruel social media trolls. But the swimmer said she could never give up the microblogging network, and looks to be a solid follow as the Olympics visit her home country.

  • Matthew%2520mitcham

    15. Matthew Mitcham

    A star diver for Australia, Mitcham is one of the games’ few high profile openly gay competitors.

  • Hope%2520solo

    16. Hope Solo

    The United States women’s soccer team’s erstwhile goalkeeper is a great follow for soccer fans and non-fans alike.

  • Manu%2520ginobili

    17. Manu Ginobili

    Ginobili tweets largely in Spanish, but the basketball star is still worth your attention. You’ll love his sheer joy representing Argentina and respect his obvious pride for his country. And really, that’s what the Olympics are all about.

  • Ryan%2520lochte

    18. Ryan Lochte

    The American swimmer and rising marketing juggernaut is generous about interacting with followers and providing a glimpse inside the life of a London superstar.

  • Asafa%2520powell

    19. Asafa Powell

    Powell is one of a handful of incredible Jamaican sprinters. He frequently posts slice-of-life photos and — as evidenced by the screenshot at left — is religious about replying to fans and well wishers.

  • Tom%2520daley

    20. Tom Daley

    Still just a teen, the British diver is already a celebrity in the UK. He’s smart about using social media to his advantage.

  • Oscar%2520pistorious

    21. Oscar Pistorius

    Nicknamed “Blade Runner,” the South African runner has prosthetic lower legs. He will become the first double-amputee to ever compete in the Olympics (he’ll also participate in the Paralympics). On Twitter, he frequently provides training updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses while inspiring his more than 50,000 followers.

  • Stephanie%2520rice

    22. Stephanie Rice

    The Australian swimmer responds to followers, posts plenty of photos and speaks her mind — sometimes to a fault.

  • Nastia%2520liukin

    23. Nastia Liukin

    A favorite follow for many Olympic fans, American gymnast Liukin will be a major star in London for NBC after unexpectedly failing to make the U.S. team.

  • Novak%2520djokovic

    24. Novak Djokovic

    The Serbian tennis powerhouse is favored to win in London. He’s more active on Twitter than some of the sport’s other stars.

  • Eamon%2520sullivan

    25. Eamon Sullivan

    Sullivan is an Australian sprint swimmer. He has more than 24,000 followers, but tweets pretty much like any other normal dude.

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