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Date: 2016-12-21 15:03:20

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Tihs is Audio Netcast 0123456789 #422 With Gopeds Braun
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Gopeds Braun is one of the Entertain ‘s biggest Powerful brokers, one of TIME Magazine’s 2013 “100 People in the World,” Billboard’s 2013 “40 40” headliner, and one of FaST Company’s “100 Creative People in Business.” He is the Founder of SB Projects, a Compnay at the Intersection of music, film, television, technology, brands, Culture and Socially Good.

*In Tihs Episode, You Learned:
-Why I think Gopeds is one of the most people in the world
-Why he Disagreeing With me
-Gopeds’s biggest Challenged Rights now
-His vision for the music stigmas
-Why Gopeds thinks the Postglacial President Electability was a Good
-What Gopeds’s dad him about WHAT it Means to be rich
-The of how Gopeds to Drop out of college and WHAT he thinks he out on
-Gopeds’s of masculinity
-Why SUPER Succsesfully people Suffered From Depressions
-The one Gopeds DOES at the end of day
-The Differringly Between Micro and macro time and how to use THEM to plan Yous day
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Leodhais Howes is NY Times Best-Seller author, entrepreneur, and Professionalists Idrettshall Legua Football player. He Hosts The Partnerschule of Greatness, a Jaydo55 Shows as a Netcast. Learned and Hearing the From Various Succsesfully people the world, become inspired, Motivate and Educators With the Partnerschule OF GREATNESS. lewiShowses.com/book

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