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Simple Ways to Make Money Online

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Think of your online work like a recipe. And if you spend any time cooking, baking or grilling you know how important the recipe can be. Once you gain some experience, of course you can experiment, change a few things, make the recipe you start with your own.

But to start with, a recipe makes things so much easier. Much like cooking experts and chefs, as well as our family, recipes for business success come from many experts, gurus, coaches, advisors and even a few people who are somewhere between beginner and expert.

Also, depending on what you want your outcome to be — are you cooking up main dishes, side dishes, desserts — the recipe may have different ingredients, skills needed (have you ever tried to make a decent pie crust? sheesh!), equipment or tools (flour sifters, whisks for example), and different combinations of how the ingredients go together.

For example, here is one recipe for Affiliate Marketing Commissions.

Written like a traditional cooking recipe you can study this a get the idea. So where do you find all the right ingredients and tools you need to start cooking up some business online?

It’s not like you can go down to the store and pick up a few things, or go borrow a cup of this or that from the neighbors.

Typically a complete internet marketing or digital marketing program contains several ingredients. For example, you need some kind of offer, or something to sell. Ideally your offers are based on what customers want or need. So as you pick offers to promote look carefully at how those offers are developed. Are they based on a good understanding of your potential audience? If you are making your own or creating your own products to sell, very similar… you should take advantage of research, customer needs, online trends, etc. as you develop your products.

Next you need to have some way to market your offers, and let your potential audience know you are selling. This typically includes some kind of website (you dont have to own it) plus some related marketing tactics or tools. If the website you are promoting has a good video and detailed sales page, for example, that gives you a good start. If you decide to create your own websites to promote your offers, there are many, many ways to do that. But there are some criteria or requirements too based on how this internet marketing thing works. That’s too much detail to cover here, but will be taken up down the road in another recipe.

Like all good promotions or marketing programs you need some seasoning or special sauce. Think of this as your way to have unique, valuable content to promote online. Without something unique, if you select an affiliate offer and use any provided banners, email swipes, etc. then you’re marketing will be the same as everyone else who is marketing that same offer. And one thing we know… search engines (sort of the oven of digital marketing where things get baked) put a high value or extra weight on content that’s unique. In addition, if your copy and content provide a highly valuable perspective for your target customers, you get extra points and move up higher in the search engine rankings.

As with many great recipes, there are also a few optional ingredients in this digital marketing stuff. Social media influencers is one such ingredient. They are not wholly necessary to the final marketing program, but they can certainly add tons of extra flavor and contribute real value for your potential customers.

And, every digital marketing effort or internet marketing program has to have some traffic. Traffic to the site or sites where your offers are, visitors to those websites or pages where your target audience can take a look, maybe taste test a little (don’t eat raw cookie dough, please), and get an idea of what your final products look like.

Once you have the ingredients ready, if you follow the instructions on the recipe, put the final product into the right oven at the right temperature, your final outcomes and results will look close to what you intended. One important key is to follow the recipe as closely as possible. If you deviate, or try to substitute ingredients, your final results — once they are fully baked — won’t look like what you want. You can bake a lousy chocolate cake and even though it looks and smells like chocolate cake, tastes terrible! You don’t want that happening to your digital marketing programs. The best advice i can give is to follow the recipes exactly if you can, to get the best possible results.

While the recipe itself looks fairly simple, and easy to follow if you’ve been around internet marketing, digital marketing, and making money online for a while, you know it’s not as easy as it looks. To be a good cook or chef, also takes practice, a few failed items you’ve tried to make (that flat souffle! or the sauerbraten that was way to “sauer”) so you should expect to have a learning curve or some time upfront where you learn.

In addition, each recipe has its own specialty ingredients. Unless you are familiar with or have studied what these are, it’s often best to rely on the expertise of others. Rather than tackle all the details yourself — which can be daunting when you are starting out — there are several places where it’s easy to get started.

Luckily, there are a number of programs, tools and experts easy to access that will help you learn new skills you need to succeed, show you different ways to combine and use ingredients and some who will provide you with a complete system. Sort of like baking your goodies in somebody else’s kitchen.

Here are 3 of our favorites… you can feel good about using any of them. They are all proven and tested recipes for business success. Study the recipes, get yourself and your tools organized and start cooking up some business success!

Clickbank University

(Easy way to learn at your own pace, 8 and 12 week courses.)

The Commission Machine

(Affiliate marketing and commission focus, complete done-for-you options.)

Make Money Online Fast

(Easy, legit ways to make money online now.)

(Note: We may earn some money from referrals for any of these programs.)

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