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Solidarity: Real truth to power on ‘blog about Brett Kimberlin’ day!/michellemalkin/status/206059652834803712

Conservatives are coming together in aid of fellow happy warriors targeted by political terrorist Brett Kimberlin. A blogburst is in effect; read and link all the accounts that chronicle the terrorist acts of Brett Kimberlin.

Googling 'Brett Kimberlin' makes for interesting reading today.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) May 25, 2012

And, indeed, the Google searches are sights to behold. Using the hashtag #BrettKimberlin:

And a search of Brett Kimberlin:

.@AaronWorthing on @GlennBeck – "I won't stop talking." Beck: "Ppl have got to stand together," tweet, FB it. #brettkimberlin

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 25, 2012

They are standing together and working hard to spread the word. Bloggers from every end of the conservative blogosphere are fighting with and for each other today.

RT @memeorandum: – The National Bloggers Club has been a … (Robert Stacy McCain / The…

— streiff RS (@streiffredstate) May 25, 2012

The Harrassment of Patterico & Its Roots In Left-Wing Activism #TCOT #RS

— RedState (@RedState) May 25, 2012

Bloggers are vital to our movement! RT @KristinaRibali: Don't let them silence you #BrettKimberlin Stand together.

— FreedomWorks (@FreedomWorks) May 25, 2012

RT @AaronWorthing: Go help a brother who needs back up against #BrettKimberlin

— Stacey-SisterToldjah (@sistertoldjah) May 22, 2012

Daily Kos’s Neal Rauhauser, Bomber Brett Kimberlin, and Political Terrorism #TCOT #RS

— RedState (@RedState) May 25, 2012

Exposing #BrettKimberlin: Glenn Beck interviews Patterico's Patrick Frey and blogger Aaron Walker

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) May 25, 2012

Hey @TidesCommunity why are you giving money to groups connected to #brettkimberlin?

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) May 25, 2012

Will the Tides Foundation and Barbara Streisand disavow domestic terrorist #BrettKimberlin?

— Citizens United (@Citizens_United) May 25, 2012

MT @suzibasterd: Who Is #BrettKimberlin? Part 1 #twisters #tcot #WAR

— Kimberly Morin (@Conservativeind) May 25, 2012

Meet Soros-Funded Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Whose ‘Job’ Is Terrorizing Bloggers Into Silence

— JWF (@JammieWF) May 25, 2012

I could have been killed for blogging. #BrettKimberlin

— Patterico (@Patterico) May 25, 2012

.@aceofspadeshq Be sure @TidesCommunity gets credit for funding this murderous scum

— streiff RS (@streiffredstate) May 25, 2012

RT @AceofSpadesHQ: .@johnhawkinsrwn interviews @rsmccain about #brettkimberlin intimdiation

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) May 25, 2012

I think I was meant to be intimidated #BrettKimberlin @TidesFoundation

— streiff RS (@streiffredstate) May 25, 2012

RT @Patterico: I could have been killed for blogging. #BrettKimberlin

— Ben Domenech (@bdomenech) May 25, 2012

MT @Liberty_Chick While #BrettKimberlin has tried to destroy innocent lives, he…instead…united an army of wonderful warriors.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 25, 2012

@baseballcrank: Must-read if you write on the web RT @Patterico How Internet harassment works. #BrettKimberlin

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) May 25, 2012

Relief Fund For People Harassed By Brett Kimberlin #TCOT #RS

— RedState (@RedState) May 25, 2012

RT @michellemalkin: Everybody Blog About #BrettKimberlin Day roll call – 60+ blogs and counting –

— Tabitha Hale (@TabithaHale) May 25, 2012

via Breitbart: #BrettKimberlin Funders Stunned to Discover they Fund Kimberlin

— Mandy Nagy (@Liberty_Chick) May 25, 2012

Dear @TidesCommunity: I've read about your free money-for-convicted-bombers program. How do I get in this fantastic system? #BrettKimberlin

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) May 25, 2012

I will be tweeting this @Patterico post a lot today. PLEASE read & share it. This story must get out. #BrettKimberlin

— AG (@AG_Conservative) May 25, 2012

Linked List of All the #BrettKimberlin Posts #tcot #mediabias #twisters #tcot_talk #teaparty #patriots

— Jeff Dunetz (@yidwithlid) May 25, 2012

Today is “Everybody Blog/Tweet/FB About #brettkimberlin Day”:

— John W. Wilson (@Expat_Patriot) May 25, 2012

Summed up by John Hayward of Human Events.

All that is necessary for the likes of #BrettKimberlin to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

— John Hayward (@Doc_0) May 25, 2012

Exactly. Good men and good women are not standing by silently today, doing nothing. Happy warriors united in knowing that exposure is the best weapon against bullying, violence and life threatening evil terrorists like Brett Kimberlin. Such tactics used to quash free speech can only be countered with more, and stronger, speech.

Help the targets of these horrific acts by donating and adding your voice to those who are continuing to speak real truth to power. The media won’t do it. It’s up to the happy warriors.

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