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13 People Who Should Stop Tweeting Immediately

Put those thumbs to better use.  1. This starstruck fan who doesn’t know what Lana Del Ray looks like.   I JUST MET LANA DEL REY OMFG SHES SO BEATIFULLL I CANT BREATHE — emily xcx (@YasBeyonce) October 5, 2014 //   2. Jason Waterfall, absolute tune mate.    Via Twitter: @IdiotOlympics 3. This could …

Woman With Toes Like Fingers Will Totally Freak You Out

Some people have a real thing for feet. Other people hate feet so much that they keeps socks on at all times and get all weird when you suggest flip flops. But this girl definitely takes the feet-related-cake… Her toes are like fingers and it’s terrifying. She posted the photos to dcard, a chinese blogging …
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