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The 17 Most Outrageous Celebrity Tattoos

1. Gorrilla Zoe has a very intimate relationship with Ben Franklin.

Gorrilla Zoe is all about the Benjamins, even when they make him look like the victim of the most hardcore frat house prank ever. Bonus: When he gets older, the tattoo will transform into a crumpled hundred dollar bill with deep philosophical meaning.

2. Mena Suvari shows what happens when you hit the tattoo parlor after playing “Lion King” drinking games.

Take a shot every time Simba acts like a spoiled trust fund baby.

3. Steve-O being Steve-O

Yeah, dude, I rock!-Steve-O” – It’s always good to see a celebrity encouraging acts of positive self-esteem.

4. Penelope Cruz saves identify thieves the trouble of guessing her credit card security code.

Then again, Cruz claims it’s her favorite number, so maybe it’s her PIN.

5. Beyonce counters with her favorite number tattoo: 4.

Also the approximate weight in kilograms of her engagement ring.

6. Birdman is training to become a superhero with headbutting powers.

It doubles as a yarmulke in a pinch.

7. T-Pain gives Mark Zuckerberg street cred.

As a sign of appreciation, Zuckerberg gets a golden grill.

8. This is what happens when you get a tattoo at a gift shop.

I don’t think her boyfriend’s parents — the Hemsworths — take “She’s just being Miley” as an excuse.

9. Lil’ Wayne thanks ESPN for giving him a blogging gig.

We tried offering Buzzfeed tattoos with our salary packages, but they didn’t really catch on.

10. Amy Winehouse (RIP) with a lookalike pinup girl tattooed on her arm.

It’s dangerous when caricature street artists set up shop outside a tattoo parlor.

11. Zach Efron pledges his allegiance to the Church of YoLo.

No word yet on whether Drake is starting a cult based off YoLo and the teachings of Degrassi.

12. Jermaine Dupri’s tattoo of his ex-girlfriend as a saint.

“My ex was a saint,” he admits, begrudgedly.

13. Jamie Foxx can do whatever the hell he wants.

And he knows it.

14. Lil’ Wayne’s vein tattoos.

Weezy wants to help the vampires find the right spot.

15. Johnny Depp turns his regrettable Winona Ryder tattoo in to a win.

Depp got a “Winona Forever” tattoo in 1989 and salvaged it after their breakup by changing it to “Wino Forever.” When life gives you lemons, ferment them and get drunk.

16. Eve tattoos Paws onto her breasts.

Here’s how she explained her favorite tattoo to MTV News:

“It’s just funny, ‘cause I got with the Ruff Ryders and they call themselves dogs and I call myself the bitch of the litter. And it just stuck, like the paws were supposed to be there.”

17. Brad Pitt turns something Angelina Jolie doodles on his neck into a tattoo.

It’ll get finished after a rousing game of Connect the Dots.

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