The 40 Most Influential Corgis Of 2012

40. Cooper

Cooper is our first Tumblr famous corgi on the list! 2012 was a great year for Cooper, finally gaining visibility on the Tumblr blogging platform. You can see Cooper’s adorable blog here.

39. Toby aka Tiny Bench Corgi

Toby made the tiny bench cool again in 2012. A must-have accessory for all corgi puppies.

38. Angry Hissing Corgi

Angry Hissing Corgi (AHC) is best known for loving his box. Don’t mess with his box.

37. The Corgi That Predicted The Presidency

Known among many as the “Nate Silver” of the corgi community.

36. Tallulah Willis’ Corgi

Fame Fly Net

The most famous corgi on this year’s list. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Tallulah Willis’ corgi in 2013.

35. Mango

Mango is the strangest eater on this year’s list. Mango is also a really awesome name for a corgi.

34. The Corgi with the Terrifying Shadow

This corgi proved that inside every corgi there is a little nightmare waiting to get out.

33. Camouflaged Corgi

Camouflaged Corgi successfully brought Corgiflage mainstream.

32. File Cabinet Corgi

File Cabinet Corgi was filed into a very special place in our hearts in June. Just look at her work!

31. Tiny Corgi Getting a Drink from a Faucet

This is art.

30. The Twinkie-Hoarding Corgi

Twinkie-Hoarding Corgi is rumored to have started the rush on Twinkies.

29. Higher Education Corgi

A great role model for all corgis out there. Higher Education Corgi provided inspiration to hoards of corgis around the world.

28. Bobblehead Corgi

It’s rumored that Bobblehead Corgi killed three people. They couldn’t handle how cute he was.

27. Sookie

Sookie is the most adorable corgi of the year from Pennsylvania. You can see her blog here.

26. Skeptical Corgi

Skeptical Corgi was the second best corgi meme of the year.

25. Ridiculously Photogenic Corgi

The most important corgi meme of the year.

The most important corgi meme of the year! It was like you couldn’t go on the Internet without seeing this little guy. He was everywhere!

24. Water Park Corgi

One minute and 10 seconds of pure joy that set the world on fire.

23. Mountaineer Corgi

A true athlete. Mountaineer Corgi let corgis around the world know that they too could climb mountains.

22. Dietrich, The Corgi Puppy That Has Issues With Door Stoppers

Dietrick showed us just how much door stoppers suck.

21. Sally, The Servce Corgi

A teen with Asperger’s syndrome and agoraphobia found courage to go to school with the help of a corgi named Sally, who dresses up in a school uniform to help him out. So philanthropic!

20. Wedding Announcement Corgi

Wedding Announcement Corgi set Pinterest on fire in 2012. Expect to see a rise in corgi-related engagement photos in 2013.

19. Zwierki, The Corgi Artist

Zwierki is the most famous corgi artist currently on the corgi art scene.

18. Gatsby

According to his blog, Gatsby loves car rides, playing fetch, and ice cubes. But it’s this picture that really went viral. Free kisses!

17. The Corgi Book Holder

Hands down, the best invention of the year.

16. The Confused Corgi Puppies

What’s that noise? Oh, it’s just three corgis being excruciatingly adorable.

15. Activist Corgi

The corgi that stood up for dogs everywhere. No more dogshaming!

14. Thorgis

Thorgi was the most popular Halloween costume for corgis in 2012.

13. Speedy

Those ears + that smile = irresistible. Thanks for being so cute, Speedy!

12. Corbin

Corbin is the most-viewed vacuumed corgi of all time. You can watch that video here.

11. Hambone, Cupcake, and Wolfgang, aka “threecorgis”

“threecorgis” is one of the most popular corgi instagram accounts. I highly recommend a follow.

10. Corgi Rae Jepsen

Corgi Rae Jepsen burst onto the scene with her epic cover of lesser-known human Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”

9. The Corgi on Stilts

The only corgi on this list that actually isn’t a real-life corgi. Stilted Corgi brought joy to millions.

8. Waffles

Another popular Tumblr corgi, Waffles is all over Tumblr with pictures like this. You can check out his blog here.

7. Pudge

Pudge’s human runs one of the most influential corgi websites, Corgi Addict. Pudge is also so extremely adorable and has his own corgi stuffed-animal best friend.

6. Corgnelius

Corgnelius is a cult favorite on Tumblr. He’s best known for his elaborate costumes, like October’s Legend of Zelda. You can see his website here.

5. Sweater Corgi

Sweater Corgi breathed life into me and millions of other corgis in 2012. Just look at him.

4. The Corgi That Led an Army of Pugs

2012’s biggest hero. Truly an inspiration to all.

3. California’s First Dog, Sutter Brown

The most politically active corgi of the year. Sutter Brown basically runs California.

2. The Queen’s Corgis

The Queen’s Corgis brought corgis worldwide this year. On behalf of all of us, thank you. Unfortunately, one of the corgis, Monty, passed away this year. This post is dedicated to his memory. RIP.

1. Otis

Congratulations! The Frogman’s adorable corgi is definitely this year’s most influential corgi. We’ve watched him grow throughout the year, and he even voted! We love you, Otis!

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