The 5 Most Adorable Moments In One Direction’s “Kiss You” Video

1. One Direction made the world’s most charming video for “Kiss You.”

It’s a nonstop marathon of goofy faces, shirtless torsos, and self-aware plays on the typical boy-band video aesthetic. All of these things together = most delightful goddamn thing on the planet.

2. I mean, you know you wish you were shredding in the backseat of this car with your bros Louis and Niall.

3. Or perhaps you’d rather ride along with Harry, Zayn and Liam on their unsafe motorcycle joyride?

EYES ON THE ROAD, BOYS! #preciouscargo

4. What crime did they commit to land themselves in jail? Exceeding the legal preciousness limit?

5. Maybe it was public nudity. They show plenty of skin in the surfing scenes *cue nationwide adolescent screaming*

6. Even all covered up, these boys will take up official ownership of your heart throughout the video.


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