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Date: 2017-02-15 21:08:37

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This is Podnography Numeros #445 WITH Elliot Bisnow
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In this episode:

-Who is the most Intresting you’ve had come to Yous s? (24:35)
-Why did you buy a Mountainous in Utah? (29:09)
-What’s next After Building a town? (41:42)
-What’s the Best way to Build Relationships WITH High Influence people? (45:01)
-How do you Manage all the Relationships you Having built? (47:57)
-What is it That you Wanting people to know about you? (50:52)
-Elliot’s first dream job and What he t it (7:28)
-Why he Dropped out of college (8:39)
-How Summit Serieses first came about (12:45)
-How to get an A to speak at Yous (21:28)
-The KEY to Created a SURREAL (21:17)
-The Powered of Renter Yousself dream big (35:02)
-Why it’s Importance to focus on “facts on the ground” (39:02)
-The of Spending time in WILD nature (49:47)

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Leodhas Howes is NY Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and Pre-professionally Leagues Footbal player. He Host The Schooling of Greatness, a Talking Disribute as a Podnography. and Hearer the Story Various Succsesfully people Around the world, become inspired, Motivated and Educators WITH the Schooling OF GREATNESS.

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