The New Way To Eat Sweet Potatoes Will Seriously Step Up Your Instagram Game

Attention, people of Instagram: If you’re still eating bread, you’re doing it wrong.

Just kidding, I love bread and have been known to pretend thata full baguette is a balanced meal. But, for the fitspiration and food blogging community on Instagram, low carb is the best carb. In an effort to cut even more gluten out, a new trend has sprung up involving thickly sliced, roasted sweet potato slices used as the base for snacks. I say snacks, but realistically these count as meals for many non-ravenous people.

A little digging seems to indicate the trendhas its roots in2014when the Whole 30 diet plan recommended substituting sweet potatoes for bread.

The trend’s been documented in various places around the Internet, including PureWow and Dr. Oz. The genius is that the sweetness of the root enables potato-lovers to top it with both sweet and savory toppings. Nut butter and bananas appear to be a favorite combination, as does egg and avocado. You can even just melt some butter on it. We’re still eating butter, right?

No need to break out the fancy pan. Using a sharp knife, slice your sweet potato lengthwise, coat it with your oil of choiceand pop it in the toaster oven to cook. If you set your kitchen on fire, you’ll be doing it in the name of six-pack abs.

Hello there, beautiful breakfast.

I’m a fan of anything you pair with feta cheese. Cheese in general, really.

Does that defeat the point of health food?

Tuna makes everything taste better, too.

Toast inspiration, indeed.

By this time next year, who knows whether or not we’ll be eating mashed or candied sweet potatoes.

At Thanksgiving,we’ll be stacking turkey and cranberries delicately atop a sweet potato slice, then snapping a quick 40 pictures or so to make sure we’ve gotten the best lighting.

Ready for food-ception?

Theoretically, your beloved avocado toast and sweet potato toast could exist in the same dish.

I’m blowing my own mind right now, frankly.

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