The Story Of The Ides Of March As Told By Sloths

1. The Soothsayer told Caesar “Beware the Ides of March”

2. And Caesar Was Like “No Way, I Got This”

3. Caesar thought his BFF Brutus was as happy as he was. Clearly, he was not.**

**Brutus is on the left, Caesar is blissfully unaware of their relationship status.

4. On the way to the Theater of Pompey, Caesar passed the Soothsayer once again…

5. And was like, “It’s the Ides of March, Bitch”**

**Paraphrasing a tad. But all he was implying was that the Ides of March had come and he was around.

6. “Aye, Caesar. But Not Gone” said the Soothsayer.

7. Little did he know a group of his former friends were awaiting him to bring about HIS DEMISE

8. What was supposed to be just a casual Senate meeting quickly turned into a bloodbath.

9. Finally, Brutus and Caesar were face to face!

10. A flash of the goodtimes passed through Caesar’s mind.

11. But it would soon end. As soon as Caesar turned, Brutus stabbed his BFF in the back.


12. Caesar was all, “…Et Tu, Brute?”

13. “No, for real. Et tu?”

The End.

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