These 10 Daily Habits Will Make You Smarter. You Can Thank Us Later.

These 10 Daily Habits Will Make You Smarter. You Can Thank Us Later.

How smart do you think you are? Wish you could be smarter? It’s easier then you may realize. These 10 daily habits are a great place to start. In no time at all you’ll have people bowing down to your new amazing, infinite intelligence. 1.) Think of 10 new ideas everyday.  Even if it’s something dumb like new pizza toppings, you never know what you might come up with. It’s a good way to exercise your brain muscles. Who knows, you might come up with a new million dollar idea.

2.) Read the newspaper. Who reads newspapers anymore? Well you should, or at least get one of those fancy online New York Times subscriptions. Staying up to date with the important things in the world can only make you smarter. Plus, you’ll have a lot more to talk about at parties.

3.) Create different opinions. Going out of your way to form opinions that you wouldn’t have otherwise is a great mental exercise. It helps you keep an open mind to new things and situations. Not to mention you’ll improve your “thinking outside the box” skills.

4.) Read one chapter of a book everyday. Fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter. Reading is like cardio for the brain. For the best mental workout take on the challenge of reading a book a week. Don’t tell me you no time to read. Make time for it.

5.) Educational videos vs. TV. Pick a subject you’re interested in and then go Youtube diving for educational videos. There are so many videos out there on an almost infinite array of topics. TED Talks anyone? Certainly beats wasting time away in front of the TV.

6.) Start following interesting people and news outlets. Following interesting people on Facebook and/or Twitter is a great way to keep your brain learning. I mean you’re going to waste half of your day on Facebook anyway right? You might as well pick a few great pages to like. Maybe you should start by following Neil deGrass Tyson?

7.) Teach others what you’ve learned. You can finally become that smart friend who seems to know something about everything. More practically, teaching and telling others about what you’ve learned is a great way to reinforce your knowledge.

8.) Keep track of your learning. Start blogging or keeping a journal of the things you’re learning about. It’s a great to have a written record to see how far you’ve come. Also, if you’re publicly blogging, it’s a good way to keep yourself accountable.

9.) Hang out with smart people.  If at all possible, you should actually hang out with people who are smarter than you. These folks will teach you something new every time you see them, not to mention inspire you to keep striving for new knowledge.

10.) Do something you’re scared of.  Get the hell out of your comfort zone. Do it. Do it now. I’ll wait. … Seriously though, there’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone to get your brain working. Start using this mentality: The scarier something feels, the more necessary it is you to do it.

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