This 16-Year-Old Girl Is Live-Tweeting Gaza Under Attack

“I might die tonight.”

1. A 16-year-old girl living in Gaza is apparently using social media to document bombings near her home.

A 16-year-old girl living in Gaza is apparently using social media to document bombings near her home.

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Twitter: @Farah_Gazan

2. Although the posts aren’t geotagged, they appear to be legitimate.

Guess what @Farah_Gazan


7. She also posted several Vines that revealed what she was seeing and hearing.

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

Hugeee explosion now 1:39am #Gaza

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

Drones sound #Gaza 2:06am

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

Another HORRIBLE SHELL 2:11am #Gaza

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

Okay. The 8163662 bomb I could hear today! This is UNBELIEVABLE!! #Gaza 2:13am

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

Many ambulances now #Gaza

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

3:04am it should be too dark but as u can see flares turned darkness into light #Gaza

13. Farah wrote that she’s already lived through three wars, but that this has been the worst.

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

I'm 16yrs old and have witnessed 3 wars, as I see, this is the hardest one #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #GazaUnderFire #AJAGAZA #ICC4Israel

14. People on Twitter have been sending their support.

Shane Bazzi @shanebazzi

@Farah_Gazan thinking of you and hoping you will be safe. I'm so sorry.

Sin Burke @minniemelange

I cannot imagine having the bravery or mental capacity, at just 16, to do what @Farah_Gazan is showing the world tonight. It's unfathomable.

Daniel X @veganmutiny

@Farah_Gazan I wish so bad that this horror would stop. It is insane. People around the world feel love for you and others.

Keith @shiguy79

@MichaelSkolnik @Farah_Gazan Stay strong girl. The world provides you strength.!!

marcia @collateralveins

@farah_gazan god bless you guys and please, stay strong. i don't know what to say… if there's something i can do for you just let me know.

Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

Reading @Farah_Gazan's tweets and thinking about the first time I read Anne Frank's diary

20. When questioned about why she was staying in her house, Farah revealed she couldn’t leave.

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

@waltygm trust me I cant move. They'll bomb me if I step the street

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

Not only my area is suffering of this night, all parts of #Gaza strip are hearing bombs and seeing flares, this is y we've no shelters

22. The 16-year-old has been posting regular updates about the conflict in Gaza over the last few weeks, and has made no secret of her apparent support for Hamas.

Guess what @Farah_Gazan

@AzulayRomond Hamas does it's best to defend us. It throws rockets to Israel

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