make money online now | This Chart Basically Explains Why Everyone Loves Yahoo

This Chart Basically Explains Why Everyone Loves Yahoo

One reason why there is a lot of excitement around Yahoo’s shares is its large stake in Alibaba Group.

There’s even some debate over whether Yahoo’s massive jump in share price in new CEO Marissa Mayer’s first year is a result of excitement over its stake in Alibaba, or because of what Mayer has done for the company.

The argument is a little less binary than that, looking at some of the key metrics of Yahoo, but as the table from Yahoo’s earnings today above shows, Alibaba Group is growing at a break neck pace.

Mayer has fueled her massive turnaround of Yahoo with proceeds from the sale of parts of the company’s stake in Alibaba — with which she was able to complete a major buy-back of stock and also purchase a string of companies, including paying $1.1 billion for a lite-blogging service Tumblr.

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