Twitter Reacts Hilariously To Gary Barlow’s Tax Avoidance

You guys.

1. This weekend Gary Barlow was accused of avoiding tax.

This weekend Gary Barlow was accused of avoiding tax.

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Along with his Take That bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald, and their manager Jonathan Wild. It emerged through the Sunday Times that they allegedly invested £26million in a scheme designed to avoid the payment of tax.

2. So of course the internet reacted hilariously.

John Haslam @JohnKHaslam

@SkyNews: TIMES FRONT PAGE: “Take that, Barlow” #skypapers ” ←time to revive #askgarybarlow methinks.

lycanthrope @spud110

Can I have your OBE ? I've never stolen millions from the public ?? #askGaryBarlow

Gandalf Wyndsong @WyndsongG

#AskGaryBarlow is Fiddler on the roof your favourite musical ? @GaryBarlow

lycanthrope @spud110

Why are you such a knobber ? #askGaryBarlow

19. Some were just plain weird.

Nicholas Pegg @NicholasPegg

“Gary Barlow OBE” is an anagram of “A Wooly Grabber”.

Adrian L @fourstar

Is Gary Barlow halal? Asking for a friend.

Fish Upon A Star @PrawnAgain

In fairness to Gary Barlow, medical bills for operations to continually reduce the size of his fat head must be very expensive.

Smee @NiceOneTrevor

I went to a restaurant once and Gary Barlow was sat on the next table. My girlfriend gazed at him all night. I say strip him of the OBE.

23. While others had plenty more to say on the matter.

Punctured bicycle… @MusicSnobb

It's no wonder that Gary Barlow is a national treasure…he's been keeping hold if the countries ££s.

Chumba @chumbayaa

When Gary Barlow gets caught avoiding tax everyone's like “aw but he's a nice guy” Jimmy Carr did it & it was “GET THE BASTARD!” Fuck sake

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