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Which Twitter Founder Are You?

Just setting up my quiz.

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    1. ✓ Freecell
    2. ✓ Minesweeper
    1. ✓ Pinball
    2. ✓ Whatever this was
    1. ✓ Smart one
    2. ✓ Mysterious one
    3. ✓ Serious one
    4. ✓ Hot one
    1. ✓ Another company
    2. ✓ Socks
    3. ✓ A vintage watch
    4. ✓ ?????
    1. ✓ Paris
    2. ✓ London
    3. ✓ San Francisco
    4. ✓ New York
    1. ✓ C++
    2. ✓ JavaScript
    3. ✓ SQL
    4. ✓ Python

Which Twitter Founder Are You?

  1. You got: Jack Dorsey

    You’re suave, stylish, and you’ve got total savoir-faire. You’ve put aside your punk days and suited up a bit, but that doesn’t mean you stopped enjoying the artsier side of life. That’s right, you’re no SQUARE. Just make sure you pause every now and then to turn the metaphorical Vine camera around.

    Andrew H. Walker / Getty

  2. You got: Biz Stone

    You’re the nice guy of the group, and despite your stacks on stacks on stacks you still have a heart of gold. You were blogging before blogging was cool. You were being COOL before being cool was cool. Now the only question is: Are you ready for this Jelly?

    Brian Ach / Getty

  3. You got: Evan Williams

    You have humble roots, just like the bourbon that’s named after you. (Just go with it.) You’re the muscle of your friends, and you’re good at making quick decisions when no one else will. You’re definitely off to a career that won’t be MEDIUM-sized.

    Getty / Brad Burket

  4. You got: Noah Glass

    Who are you? Where are you? Call us.


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