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Who Will You Be In Your Next Life?

Nobody today. President of the Milky Way Galaxy tomorrow.

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Who Will You Be In Your Next Life?

  1. You got: World Famous Blogger

    You’re opinionated and incredibly well spoken. One day you’ll be the voice of an entire generation of alien-human hybrids who don’t have one (it’s because alien-human hybrids are born without vocal chords).

  2. You got: CEO of a Media Company

    You’re a natural born leader and a skilled strategist. In your next life you’ll head a successful media company that creates whatever comes after the internet. What is it, you might ask? I don’t know, you haven’t invented it yet!


  3. You got: Fashion Designer

    Remember when we were all like, crop tops will never be a thing and then they totally became a thing? In your next life YOU will be the one making unthingy things THINGS because you’re highly creative and a true visionary.


  4. You got: Architect

    When alien-robots mate with humans, there’s going to be a lottt of extra people on this earth. Thanks to your artful eye and keen sense of design, our hive-like living structures will be INCREDIBLE.

    Flickr: maleny_steve / Via Shutterstock

  5. You got: Inventor

    In the future there will be no limit to your creative and innovative spirit. So, what will you invent? Pocket-sized cars? Food that never spoils? Or maybe a robot that goes to the bathroom for you? Why am I guessing, you’re the inventor!


  6. You got: Space Explorer

    You’re adventurous and brave, so it makes perfect sense that in your next life you’ll travel to the depths of space in the name of Planet Earth. What will you find? Probably a lot of creepy stuff. Good thing you’re brave.

  7. You got: Social Activist

    You’re empathetic and thoughtful. In the future you’ll stand up for the equal rights of all humans, aliens, and human-alien hybrids. But probably not robot-human-alien hybrids because those guys are total jerks.

  8. You got: World(s) Leader

    In the future we’re going to need a level-headed commander that can lead our people forward and guess what, friend? That person is Y-O-U. The fate of our world(s) rests in your capable hands. / Via Shutterstock

  9. You got: Musician

    The world may be moving ever-forward but we’ll always need music. Especially to drown out the sounds of robot-alien love-making. Yuck.


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